Six more weeks in Cayey!

       Hello friends and family.  This week was kind of a disaster.  But the last three days were good as in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  My companion has back issues so we didn’t even leave the house on Wednesday or ThursdayFriday and Saturday I was on Exchange with Elder Henriod which was way fun.  Everything was falling through like sand in a strainer.  But, right now is a good time to make changes for me.
     Oh speaking of not changes. I have six more weeks in Cayey!  I’m happy about staying in Cayey.  Things are not the best with the companion but I actually am blessed because we all need to work through tough things to get blessings.  My district leader Elder Henriod is helping me a lot.  He is inspiring me to become better and be more obedient and help out the other Elders.
     So, I rekindled my Bible goal this week.  I was in like Numbers and now I’m almost done with Joshua.  The old testament is long but man there are some great stories.  I love how the Lord tells Joshua to go forward and not fear anyone because the way was prepared.  Which was an answer to me because I need to open my mouth more and help  out these Elders here.

     Friday we went up to Aibonito.  That is the first time I’ve ever assisted another church service.  It was some Christian church and I actually liked some of the stuff they said but it definitely also had some not in line with the book activities. The guy actually came over to us four and wanted to pray and so we grabbed hands and he prayed and put his hand on our heads and stuff.  Yesterday church was good again.  I taught a sunday school class in English.  It was off the spot or in the moment so 2 Nephi 5 came to my mind and we read and discussed some stuff. That chapter is great.  We visited Minerva last night and we used the car because of my companion’s back.  It has been rainy lately.

Elder Glazier


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