I’m reading a TON!

Hello friends and family. First things first, yesterday I went to Burger King and treated my companion to a “little” Independence day celebration.  I ate two whopper doubles combos with cheese and had an Ice cream cone to finish.  The clerk lady was like, wait, four combos for the both of you?  We’re like yah.  We also went over to Aibonito and played some Volleyball with the district.  So I shared in the Independence day fun.

Last week we didn’t work very much.  My companion has some back problems and the week before we didn’t get along that much so I backed off.  On Friday we did service for Victor.  Then I pulled out my long sleeve shirt and the tie that I wore on my first day of the mission!  There is a picture on Instagram search up Victor Felix.

We didn’t meet once with our baptismal candidates.  In the past month plus or minus we have found about 45 people just through our own efforts.  None are progressing.  But we could do a better job of follow up I think.  But anyways so on Thursday we were thinking a lot about using members to find. On Sunday we stood up in Relief Society, me and my companion, and we told them about how members are supposed to bring people to church and find people for the missionaries. In the Relief Society, it went well.  NOT SO in the Priesthood.  To me there was a spirit of contention.  I feel in the middle because the ward could do a better job.  But also, members here have slaved away for us leaving with us to appointments for hours and hours. So I can understand both parts.

But anyways.  I have been reading a lot lately. I finished the new Testament and since last Monday, I have read over 200 pages in Jesus The Christ.  For those of you who don’t know my reading feats that I never accomplished in High School I’m reading a TON!  On Sunday I had the opportunity to teach Gospel Principles.  The lesson was on the Gifts of the Spirit and now that I think about it it was cool that I was living a gift of the spirit as I was giving the lesson because I felt like my spanish was good. But Also we need to be reverent about these gifts so. I also got to bear my testimony in church. I ALWAYS feel good after I do that.  The hand of the Lord was extended to me this week as I had a good experience in Church after a lousy week.  Sorry I don’t have much good information. I hope there is something in here you like.

Elder Glazier

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