Church or Barranquitas?

     Hello.  I didn’t make that many notes this week and I didn’t bring them so I will just write some stuff.
     We found 14 new investigators this week but no one is progressing.  In Four weeks we have found 44 new people and no one is progressing.  This week we reestablished contact with Miguel a guy who we were working with a while back. He actually is doing alright. Still has problems with the word of wisdom but it was good to meet with him.  He has been reading the Book of Mormon and he at least understood that Nephi was sent back to Jerusalem.  We were teaching him this week and the idea came to my head that we should invite him to clean the church with us so that he wouldn’t go and buy beer.  He came and helped a little so that was good. But unfortunately he returned to Barranquitas for a birthday weekend and couldn’t come to church.
     We found a less active family. They are actually a part member family. We were contacting and we talked to this guy and the wife was like did you guys just show up out of casuality?   So we taught the man and the member lady helped explain some stuff. We had a Baptismal date fall through because the guy doesn’t want to talk to us anymore.  Then on Saturday a bunch of stuff fell through and we didn’t meet with our other investigators with Baptismal dates.  I am like stuck. Ï don’t know how to get people to church.
     I saw this house this week that was like Ralph’s a while ago. The house had Volkswagon bugs around and busses or one or something.  I did good at not falling asleep in church yesterday.  I also made a little progress this week because we worked with a member I hadn’t used ever and also I  talked to another one who we haven’t worked with.  I’m almost done with the New Testament.  This morning I read in Revelation 9 I think maybe 8 but I cringed kind of.  I read about locusts that can sting people like scorpions for five months.  Excuse the short emails. But you people have lake powell and stuff to entertain your time.  What else to I want to tell you about?  Ï’m slowly working up my pull up strength.  The hat is working well. I can’t eat as much as I used to. The sun still is strong.  But I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Glazier


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