“Techo” service

This was another week.  We found some new people to teach.  I had an exchange with my MTC companion, Elder Henriod.  On Tuesday we had a Zone meeting and afterwards I learned that Costco added italian sausage hot dog thing to the menu!

     Wednesday was the exchange.  Thursday, we went out to Torito Plata which is a ways a way but we went and found quite a few people to teach.  We only had one lesson with a member this week.  Also, we have three people with Baptismal dates and we only met with one this week.  Moises came to church again which was good.  Minerva continues to do well. We had a visit with her and the bishop this week.

     Friday we did service.  There is this nice, old Baptist man here that we had actually talked to a while back.  We painted his roof.  I had a blonde moment that day as I thought “techo”meant ceiling. So I, thinking that we’d be working on a ceiling in shade, left the house on a sunny Puerto Rican day, without sunblock but more importantly without my hat. Techo people means ROOF.  So luckily I live in 2016 when we have cell phones and cars. I called Victor and he brought me my hat and some sunscreen and let me borrow some sunglasses.  So that was a blessing. I still got sunburned but it would have been worse without the protective items.

I read some cool scriptures in 1 Peter this morning.  This is a short email.  I hope you have a great week!

Elder Glazier

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