OUR salvation

Hello.  On Monday we went to little ceaser’s.  There is this guy here who had a clock picture of Christ in gethsemane.  It was way sweet to see one of the Gospel art photos we use in this church in a non member’s house.  Also, I saw I think on Monday a person walking with a shirt. On back it had the picutre of Christ saving Peter from the water the picuture that is in the Howard W. Hunter book.

Tuesday was the most successful day of my mission.  We found 6 new investigators and had 3 member presents.  For those of you who served in other parts of the world let me just say that the Standards of Excellence weekly new investigator goal is 3 for the mission per companionship. And weekly 4 member presents.  Anyways it was a day when the blessings were just stacking up!  None of it really panned out that well but still a great day.  On Tuesday we threw down KFC.

     Wednesday we placed 2 baptismal dates and it was also a very successful day. We have an investiagator here named Waldo. We were teaching him this week and our plans were to teach about the Book of Mormon.  I felt impressed though to say something that would help him with his problems that had happened the weekend before. But I didn’t want to deviate from the lesson. So I did both and it worked out perfectly because the Bishop had mentioned how we believe in Christ.  So I read some verses from Alma 7.  It worked out well. This week I read Mosiah 4:9 in spanish and I felt the spirit. God created everything and understands everything but the part I liked also was that we as humans don’t understand all the things he understands. It was also cool to see that God created the plan of salvation for OUR salvation.  We often hear the words the plan of salvation, but it put a different twist on it when I noticed for OUR salvation. We helped clean the church building.

     On Friday we saw another blessing. We were waiting for a member to meet up with us to go to a lesson when a man walks by.  I start to talk to him.  Then a different member turns the corner. He just walks up and we had a little lesson there on the spot but with the member it was like he just walked up to see what was going on but then just went along with our lesson even though it wasn’t planned for nothing! We ended up teaching the guy the next day with his wife.  They have been married (actually married) for 56 years.  It was a really good lesson.  They listened so so so well.  A lot of times you say something and people with just jump in like it’s their show but no these people listened so well.  The wife didn’t accept the Book of Mormon but I decided to try once more really gently and the husband accepted to read a chapter and meditate about it.  On Saturday we went and worked with a member.  He took us to Burger King and we had a Whopper combo. Then when our appointment fell, we went to the church activity and ate more. A good week it was but we still waste time….


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