The greatest moments of our mortal life

IMG_3390[1]Hello. I’m staying in Cayey for at least 6 more weeks. I will have a new companion Tuesday.  This was another week. We talked to this guy who had CD’s from about every single band from the 70s and stuff. Anything from the Eagles, to Heart, to Black Sabbath, to Stevie nicks etc. Etc.

I don’t have notes with me right now but we did an exchange and talked to a lady who had met and known missionaries years ago. We ate burger king a couple of times. Friday we had a special meeting for missionaries and they told us the new changes about clothes that we already had heard about but I am going to Walmart today to buy one of those summer straw sun hats para que don’t get burned from the flaming ball of the sun.  Yesterday we spoke in church.

Minerva is doing great still.  She was crying yesterday after the third our combined lesson about Temple work and family history work because her mother had been coming to her in dreams and wanting work done for her.  I was also surprised, we talked to this guy on Saturday and he came to church which was a huge blessing.  We are working with a man named Miguel, we are trying to help him overcome problems with the Word of Wisdom.  I see blessings everyday. When we put forth our effort we are blessed.  I hope you all have a great day full of barbeques and meats and stuff. I’ll still be here in a humid climate sweating and enjoying some of the greatest moments of our mortal life in the short two years I have as a full time missionary!!! love you


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