Minverva got confirmed

Hello.  This week we had a great time. Monday we had preparation day and we went up to Minerva’s house and we tried to teach Moises how to pray. He didn’t do it perfectly but it was good to seem him make small steps forward.  Tuesday we had our district meeting and afterwards we went and ate pizza for lunch all eight of us Elders.  We get up to pay after our pizza and it turned out that a man or he and his wife or something paid for our lunch so that was awesome. Elder Gil was like we need to got thank them because the guy’s business was close to the pizza place.  So we went over there and thanked this lady that I think was with him at lunch.

We had in our district meeting a lesson about how David did some bad things but I learned that even before he looks at Bathsheeba he already did two bad things.  We went and we met with Miguel who turned out to be a new investigator and he came to church yesterday.  A member bought us a treat and a sprite on TuesdayOn Wednesday I started Leviticus in the spanish bible.  I started the Bible at the beginning of this year hoping ot get through it all kind of but I’m only in Leviticus but maybe the goal will be accomplished in 2018 or so.

This week Minerva wasn’t answering her phone so we went up to check on her. She was sick and we gave her a blessing and cleaned her kitchen with the help of a member.  We ate dinner with a member this week and I had thirds.  I FELT LIKE MYSELF AGAIN.  Saturday we ate some subway and Victor mad us some great taco’s and I also bought an Ice cream cone.  We were walking this week and my companion spotted a lady going really slow in the road in her wheelchair he let me push her and I was really glad cause I felt great!

Minerva got confirmed yesterday. The story just keeps getting better with her. Moises came with her and they picked us up yesterday in a place. From that place to her house was maybe 15 minutes or so in car and she basically talked the whole time about how it was a miracle that we gave her a blessing and then she was healed. Then she was worried about making it to church I think and she said something told her not to worry about Moises. So she was praying in her room and crying and she comes out and Moises was ready to go to church.  But it’s really an incredible thing. You hear about amazing mission stories and then they happen to you and the next thing you know I’m smiling!  I hope you all have a great week.


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