Minerva got Baptized

       This was another fantastic week. Especially fantastic because yesterday we had a Baptism. IMG_3469[1] I got the special opportunity to perform the ordinance. This might be apostasy but I was sitting in Priesthood meeting and then got up an left early to go get dressed.  It felt like leaving class to get ready for a football game in high school.

       The Baptismal service was fantastic. We had a lot of members help out and they did great.  Elder Merrell and I sung the musical number. We just sang unison three verses of Venid a Mi.  The Spirit was there.  The Bishop gave a powerful testimony and it all worked out great. Elder Merrell said it was the best baptismal service he’s seen.  I am very very blessed to be the one to get to experience, finding teaching and baptizing Minerva.  It’s quite a great experience.  After the Baptism I felt peace in my heart.  I have a lot to be grateful for. IMG_3465[1]

       Apart from the Baptism we gave three blessings three days in a row to different people all were for health.  The Priesthood is restored!  We also had a great Zone Conference this week.  They talked about using members, commitments, and how to begin the teaching process. There was a lot of good things said.  I also ate SALAD that day.  Life is great here in Cayey.  Oh yeah we had the Wedding of Minerva and Moises on Saturday.  Our Bishop has helped incredibly here in Cayey for us.  Well, it was a very eventful week.  Doesn’t show in the email because this is kind of short. Love you all!


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