Burger King and Baptisms

       Dear Family and Friends,  This week was a fantastic week.  Numerically we dominated.  But that’s not what it’s about but I still like to have great numbers.  We found Clarissa who is Efrain’s wife who is willing to get Baptized with him on the 29.  We received a lot of blessings this week.  It was a really successful week.  We also are teaching Alberto and Jean a father and son who are doing great too. Who knew you could find such awesome investigators just right behind the church??

         I love seeing people pray correctly here. It always is a relief and a great blessing when people do that. So simple but important and to see people take small steps of faith is awesome.  Monday night we taught them and then Hermano Zayas bought us sandwiches and a drink and fries.  Then another day we taught with a member and he bought us Burger King. Then another day we just stopped to use the restroom at Burger King and a guy we met last Sunday bought us Burger King and then we taught him some stuff right there on the spot.  Then a member bought us Little Caesers and a drink from Firehouse subs.  So food we lucked out this week.IMG_3554[1] - Copy

       We taught Minerva probably four or five times.  We are going to teach the 10 commandments tonight to finish off the teaching and then we should get her married and Baptized this week.  I had a spiritual experience this week when we taught about Temples and Family history.  She told about how her parents had come to her in dreams and she wasn’t sure if they were asking her for something. I believe that they want her to do their work for them.  So I also got an opportunity to explain to her about my farewell talk and how we ultimately want to get her to the Temple.  It was also totally awesome that she is already inviting people to church and she isn’t even a member yet! She and Moises came to church yesterday which was awesome.

       We have Zone Conference on Wednesday which is always great but some of that has to do with the fact that Sister Boucher always brings good food like last time we got Pulled Pork sandwhiches with Baby Rays.  And I think we are headed to P.F. Changs that night to celebrate Elder Merrell’s Birthday.  I had fantastic time yesterday talking with my family! Life is wonderful here in Cayey.  Love you all.


One thought on “Burger King and Baptisms

  1. Hi, I’m sorry i haven’t made a reply for the while. Yesterday at church at Sunday school about scriptures and holy ghost. How I read scriptures is I read few chapters before bed and at EM seminary. Keep up the good work! =)


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