Hello. My family gets to talk to me this Sunday so I’m not going to write much. Ademas I didn’t really write notes this week.  This week was great.  We got a good number of member present lessons and new investigators. Minerva is doing great but we are working on the marriage and physical test papers and stuff.  We have found a new guy Efrain who was going to come to church but he was with his daughter in the hospital when we passed by yesterday.

This week was also kind of weird. I worked with four different Elders this week.  First my companion, but secondly on Wednesday I did an abnormal exchange with Elder Gil because Elder Lopez needed to go to get some medical check up stuff.  My companion is the car driver so they went together and I was with Elder Gil.  Then Friday, Elder Gil, had to go get visa help with President Boucher so Me, Elder Merrell and Elder Lopez did a trio. Then Saturday I did an exchange with Elder Durkin the District leader.  Yesterday we had a cool experience.

We saw a group of family members having a barbeque yesterday. We said a prayer and went over and taught them we asked just hey can we share a ten minutes with you guys and so we did. Got a couple of new investigators and they offered us some food and my companion was full so I denied it……..

       New paragraph because I DENIED BARBEQUED MEATS. But it’s alright. If any of you are wondering if I’ve lost or gained weight it’s definitley lost… I don’t know what I am at. I think around maybe 170 but it could be less.  I know though that people have told me I look skinier.
All good here. Love from Elder Glazier

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