I am doing well here in Cayey!


Hello. My name is Elder Glazier. I am a full time missionary and I am emailing on a great Monday Morning on April 25, 2016!  This week was transfers. So Tuesday we got to see a bunch of missionaries. People from my group are now starting to train and be District Leaders these past couple transfers Tuesday and other one.

Elder Merrell and I found new people to teach this week which was fantastic, but didn’t have a single member present lesson.  Minerva is still doing great. We have a mountain to climb though because we need to have her go and get a demographic report and other doctor papers and stuff to sign before she gets married all so she can be Baptized.  But she’s doing great. Keeps coming to church.  Thank you all for your prayers on this one.

Victor helped us out this week a couple times taking us to Torito which is and Urb. out a ways so a ride was nice.  I currently can’t really think of anything to write but I just heard on the radio here in the library a mexican type trumpet and I thought of like clint eastwood movies like mexican standoff at the end of the Good the Bad and the Ugly or maybe like Fistful of dollars.  I didn’t really write notes that well for this week actually like none for the main email.  I don’t know what exactly to write.  Victor made us clams and we had some shrimp yesterday for lunch.

Since I don’t really have anything else to write, I will tell you about maybe some things I have been studying in the book of The Acts in the Bible. First off it’s cool how as a missionary you read the scriptures and see stuff in like a missionary perspective.  Peter baptizes like 3000 and he states the doctrine of Christ clearly clearly in one part.  This morning I learned about how Stephen I think gives a nice history of Israel and how Moses is a prototype of Christ.  I mostly got that by the chapter heading but then I thought that it makes sense.  Christ frees us from death and sin if we repent and Moses freed the Israelites from bondage.  I also thought how they both are called of God.  Well it’s a short email. But it’s okay.  I am doing well here in Cayey!  Take care all of you this week.  Life is a great gift.

Elder Glazier

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