Wasataki manchi clansi wousliy

Okay so last week I was still finishing off Kalamata olives, oreos, chips, werthers and all kinds of stuff that I bought to treat myself of the birthday week.  What mission in Argentina is Allie Pitts at?  Because Nate Richardson got called to Mendoza I think.

Last week we cleaned the church, and handed out a bunch of cards at the university one day.  That same day, some 67 year old guy stopped and talked to us one our way to clean the church. He started basically giving a false testimony of how he went Vegetarian at like 21 and how he’s so healthy. Then he wanted to show me how “quick” he was. So we stood like 10 feet apart and he’s like jab at me as fast as you can. So me being Rocky Balboa just started throwing jabs into the air. Then Ivan Drago (the 67 year old guy) is telling me faster as I am doing it. So then I eventually stopped and he then went like 98% serious and started saying like Karate foreign tongue wasataki manchi clansi wousliy or something as he starts to jab into the air also. To me his jabs didn’t look any faster than mine but he was like all serious how he had taken care of his body and was so fast. I about started just laughing because is was hilarious when he went all serious and started throwing jabs at me Rocky Balboa!!!! You couldn’t take him seriously.  And all of this is occurring along a street. Can you just imagine how dorky we looked throwing punches into mid air??? Well anyways, that guy actually guessed my age and apparently was baptized years ago.

Okay so also Aunt Laurie, if you read this what mission in Guatemala did you serve?  and if you didn’t serve in Guatemala, then I just embarrassed mineself.  It’s because I live with a missionary from Guatemala.

 Now on to this week, we had the zone activity. That was cool. Tuesday we had  a Zone meeting on Prayer.  I ate Costco after, then we had a member present lesson, then a member took us to Chili’s and I had delicious shrimp, chicken, and beef tacos with lemonade and then we went to ice cream after.  My companion and I also went to Firehouse Subs which was good too.  Thank you for your prayers. Minerva, Johnathan and Edid keep coming to church.  They are doing well.  We keep on finding people to teach as well. We just finished another Transfer. I am staying in Cayey but will be with Elder Merrell who is from California but went to BYU and took Econ 110 from Kerl.  I got to pass the Sacrament yesterday.  I like doing that. I also played a few hymns today on the Piano.  Remember when I used to lose my Temperature and kick my trike in the Ditch over getting to practice a musical instrument? The other Elders also had a Baptism yesterday. I was a witness again. It was good that our investigators came.
Elder Glazier

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