“Week Irregular”




This is going to be extremely short. Today we had a fantastic zone activity and we drove right to the library and don’t have much time.  But it was a little trunky seeing as we went and pretty soon after the cayey green on the 52 Freeway it turns into like desert looking (UTAH LOOKING) hills and stuff and I have now seen the ocean on both the north and south of this Island. This week was alright. We found a lot of new people to teach but then no member present lessons. But Minerva and her grandsons Edid and Johnathan came to church so that’s awesome.  But yeah a lot of weird things happened this week.  You could name the blog thing this week mom “Week Irregular” because this week I did and exchange, we had no member work, we did a split with ward members, I saw a lady from Aibonito that I met on Exchange In Cayey and an investigator from Cayey saw me in Aibonito on exchange and I think I might have seen her car but yeah all is well here.   Have a nice week.


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