A few fantastic times in the fantastic email

      Hello, this week was SWEET!!!!!!! Tuesday was a great birthday.  I got up and ate some Fruit Loop type cereal for my birthday.  Then we went to District Meeting and had some donuts and some cookies.  Then we went home and Victor had cooked us up and seafood lunch.  We had rice than included shrimp, octupus, squid, and I also had some clams and some salad and a great cake. Victor also came and sang with his guitar and had a great cake in the morning but then we ate it at lunch.  We we went and worked a little. Our member present fell through because dos y media and doce y media sound the same.  But then we started heading toward firehouse sumbs to eant some sadwiches.  But then my companion’s like “I’m gonna explode if I don’t find a bathroom right now.  “the closest one is Milagros right?” so we went to Milagros house and BOOM a surprised birthday party for me.  We had chuleta and baked potatoes.  Then we went to ward Council.

Then this week we had a great fantastic week. We taught Minerva and her two grandsons on Friday night. That lesson was fantastic. We had the Bishop and he kept sharing awesome personal experiences and kept saying ” Eso es una maravilla” refferring to different things in the church. We sang ä donde me mandes ire” because the Bishop loved it and that song is great.  Then the Bishop brought them to General Conference. It is so great to see them moving along. For your information, Glazier Single services is giving out the news that seeing an investigator in church is almost as rare as Kaal or Laurence going on a date. But when Minerva came last week to church that was the first time since December since I had had an investigator in church.  But talking seriously, it’s great to see her moving along.  This week we also taught Yory and Charlie about the Word of Wisdom. General conference was so great.  I liked several talks.  Some themes I saw were families, humility, basic gospel truths.  We ate at Fuddruckers on Saturday.  I could have easily eaten the poundburger but I got the half pound and it was still good.  Anyways. A fantastic week I think I have fantastically used the fantastic word fantastic a few fantastic times in the fantastic email.  Have a fantastic week!


Elder GLazier


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