Another great week is done. WE HAD INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH!!!!!!!! This week we had Monday. Then Tuesday was awesome as we had district meeting ate pizza for lunch then we went to a lesson and after the lesson we went to a member’s house to ask her for a reference that she had brought to church and it turned out that the reference was at her house and so we just had the great blessing of a member present given to us.  Hahahahahaahahah Member PRESENT!!!


 Wednesday we had another member present with Karla who is a returned missionary kind of reminds me of Aubrey cause Aubrey is a returned missionary!  Oh oops that was Tuesday night actually.  On Thursday we had a good less active lesson.  My companion and I like gave each other a high five or knuckles or something cause I didn’t fall asleep.  Then we chowed down Burger King.  But yesterday was great.  I woke up in a good mood and it was Easter (I also bought myself a tie the day before)  I also watched a little bit of the Bible videos of Easter.  It’s a remarkable thing.

     Saturday we went to the hospital because our less active got in a nasty car wreck.  She’s alive and it could be worse but it’s a blessing that her children were not in the car.  I also ate SALAD like three times this week.  That was sweet. But yeah it was a pretty good week.  It was a great blessing to see investigators in church yesterday.  One of them we found this week and seems really prepared.  Her name is Minerva.  Thank you for your prayers.  They helped us this week a lot.  Well, That’s a little bit about my week.  Get ready for General Conference yay!!! It will be terrific. Short email but good week.  Bye now!


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