Glazier Single Services

Hello. To start off, when you are the CEO of the most successful rest home business in America, you have to also, look out to expand your options.  I recently bought a business called, Glazier Single Services.  I now have my secretaries working extra time to fulfill the responsibilities of both of my businesses.  Also, they are both full time students!!! But in the process I hired two executive dating specialists. One is named Ricardo and the other Shuri.  To qualify for their help you need the following:

1) A state championship football ring from Timpview high school
2) be more handsome than Tyler Glazier
3) Be a returned missionary from Brazil or Hong Kong
4) Be a student at Brigham Young University
5) Have at least less than 1 date every six months
6) Not be married
7) Not have a girlfriend
8) Be so dang busy you don’t have time for marriage
9) Send a letter to Elder Glazier with a few bucks and ONE good reason why you’re not dating an attractive young lady
10) Sufficient prowess at one of the following
b-discus throwing
c- getting  lugnuts from cars
d-decoding local stimulus package computer programs
the next step after you have met these is call Hannah or Aubrey my secretaries they can either help you find a date for the week or schedule an appointment with my specialists.  Satisfaction guaranteed from the counseling or your single dissappoinment refunded completely!!
     Okay now for my week. We are blessed with a lesson almost every Monday.
Tuesday I ate five eggs for breankfast.  We had a sweet zone meeting where we were introduced to the halleluyah video. I love those things.  We went to costco where I ate a pizza slice and burger combo.  On wednesday we found a less active named Concepcion like the name of Aubrey’s mission.  This week I think my mind was little distracted because of March Madness. My companion loves it too. We walked by a bar and peaked at the screen once. We fasted this week to get some investigators to church but that didn’t happen. But the ward was following a stake invitation and had like 9 people in church including three kids.  We’re working hard. I hope to see some Baptisms here in Cayey soon. We need the people to come to church though.  If you people up there could pray for that specifically that would be great!  Easter is upon us as like three library email places were closed so we are at the church right now.  Jesus Christ died, and was resurrected for us. He lives.  He suffered the Atonement for us so that we could have happiness and be clean from sin.  We all will be resurrected one day. I should be very happy for that reason.  Check out the video!  Happy Easter week.
Love Elder Glazier
CEO-Glazier Rest Homes, Glazier Single Services

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