I know the Book of Mormon is True!!!

Hello.  This was another week.  But it wasn’t neccessarily weak especially considering the fact we talked with an olympic boxer named Alberto Mercado or something.  It was sweet look him up!  Tuesday was transfers but I’m staying in Cayey with Elder Brown.  But Cayey is a huge transfer day trading center so to speak.  There was probably 50 or so missionaries here.  We had a member present on Tuesday and we had ward coucil.

This week it got “cold” the temp probably dropped into the 60’s maybe or seventies and it actually felt chilly haah. It was rainy too this week. But at Ward Council this time and the first one a trasfer ago they have hot chocolate with some other snacks.  People had their coats and stuff too.  Wednesday I could see steam coming off me after our run in the morning. I’m either really handsome or out of shape.  We went to Burger King and I heard Sugar their as I ate two combos by myself.  We gave a Catholic guy a Book of Mormon that day too and when we went into his house it was funny his wife got all mad like “Didn’t he tell you we’re Catholic Roman people!!!!”Or whatever. haha it was funny the wife was all like bent out of shape. We helped move a sick man on his bed. Because my companion always asks if the people need help with anything and to our surprise the lady said yes come move my husband.  Usually the people don’t ever want/need help with anything it was interesting that they accepted this time.   We taught a lesson in the street to Lisa who after talking to her we found out that she wants to change her life.  She got emotional so hopefully we can help her out.

     Thursday morning was a special experience.  First of all, thanks to Elder Ward from the Parump, Nevada family for the Idea but Thursday morning I was able to finish the Book of Mormon again.  I tried out Moroni’s promise and sure enough I received an answer from the Holy Ghost that it is true.  Moroni’s promise is an infinite promise o sea you can try it out every time and it works.  I know the Book of Mormon is True!!! But I say thanks to Elder Ward because I think he did it on his mission too an said the same thing.  Dillion or Dustin I’m not sure which one.  So it was great that night when we taught Yory and Charlie, our investigators, I shared that experience with them.  Friday was good. It was cool to Teach a lady and a bunch of kids under a tree kind of we were sitting on the grass but the tree looked like an olive tree but I thought it was cool because I kind of imagined how the Savior probably or maybe taught people under trees sitting on grass. Anyways it was just a little different but cool!  That night we had a dinner with a member.

I had another interesting experience.  You know how people have their own little analogies of the Atonement or other Gospel stuff? Well, I have a new one.  We were walking to the member’s house to go to dinner. We got lost.  My companion called the member to tell him that we were lost.  The member asked where we were and my companion told him and he came and picked us up and took us safely to the house for dinner.  It started to rain right as we got to the house.  It was specail to me because first of all I just felt relaxed and relieved in the car.  I felt safe.  We made it to house and ate a great dinner in peace.  To me, it was my own personal analogy of how we get lost in life sometimes. We sin and get off the right path.  Well. we can pray (call) to our Heavenly Father and if we are just honest and tell him where we are at, he’ll come to our rescue. Our Savior will come to our rescue.  And if we just trust him and “ride in his car” so to speak we’ll arrive at our Heavenly Home.  We all hope to get to the Celestial kingdom and “feast”on the happiness and peace there.  But the way we get there is not on our own but rather trusting in the Savior.  anyways you can probably see the parallels but it was just a little cool experience I have.  Who knows, maybe i’ll use that in a talk someday.

      Saturday we were missioaries but got blessed with Pinchos( shish kabobs) from some investigators who we saw as we were walking by.  So that was sweet! Not going to argue with barbequed meat for free!  Then Sunday we got blessed again with food. It was a hard day. My body and Spirit were both  a little bit down and then we pass a big birthday party.  Then the neighbor of ours, now understand this wasn’t close to our house our neighbor was at a party in another neighborhood but he came over and offered us to come and eat some food. You already know we of course went and ate some pork, potatoes and salad, and rice and some cranberry juice.  Once again, our Heavenly Father loves us and blesses us a lot.  So that was my week.  Have a great one yournselvnes!!!

Elder Glazier

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