“the beast” and LAWN CARE!!

     Okay so another great week is in the books but the best book on the face of the Earth is the Book of Mormon.  Monday was regular pretty much.  Tuesday we had a district meeting and ate Pizza after.  Then we got fed after our less active lesson.  Then after our member present the member took us to a sandwich place and when I first saw the sandwich with a drink and fries I was actually worried like “what if I can’t eat this all?” because I had eaten a good amount that day already. Do you honestly think I had much trouble throwing it down?? You already know the answer.
     The member who helped us and his wife too are great.  I purchased a new umbrella that has better prowess than the other one. I saw a weed hog on Wednesday which is awesome.  Also we were teaching a lesson on Wednesday and the investigators have “the beast” like from Sandlot.  It was HUGE.  It actually came over to me when I was sitting there and drooled all over my pants.  You know that maybe is an omen or whatever you know why? Because Friday in another lesson with a member with Mykle who is close to Baptism we just need to get him to church, Anyways my sentence structure isn’t very good on this but anyways In a member present lesson on Friday I fell asleep and when I came to I had drool coming down my chin and I wiped it off with my hand.
      I also got extremely tired on foot again this week and fell asleep head bobbing in Priesthood meeting yesterday. Thursday we went to Burger King again.  I had a great exchange on Saturday with Elder Durkin the District leader whose sister married Chris Collinsworth.  I got sleepy in a lesson there too.  Before we went out and did missionary work I went and did the Second best kind of work IMG_3332[1]IMG_3338[1] Oh yeah man I got to run a trimmer on Saturday which was pretty cool.  It would have been sweet to do some mowing too but the other Elder’s took care of that. The guy who we did service for bought us bread and juice then made us salami I think and cheese sandwiches for breakfast with MAYO and I didn’t even gag. also this was after I had already had a good pancake with peanut butter and pizza for breakfast.  oh also Elder Durkin is from Las Vegas.  So It was rainy SaturdaySunday we had church, ate lunch, then went out and also helped our less active Neysha set up one of those set up able pools.  It was for her kids after that we went and ate again at Milagros’house who is an awesome member who just happens to be baptized on the very day I was and her daughter!  That’s pretty much my week.  Get ready for the greates Tournament in the world while I continue in the greatest obra on earth!
Elder Glazier

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