This week was AWESOME!!

Hello. This week was AWESOME!!  I have some notes written down this week but the first says “Request of Mullet Pics” Yes so can you please send me my state football pictures from both years so I can show people?  Secondly, Elder Gil gave me a haircut on Monday for Zone Conference.  I took a nap on Monday too.  We had an interesting lesson on Monday night as we taught a family but people were going in and out of the house so we were outside and the number of people fluctuated as we were teaching. I thing we had seven there at the high point.  I polished my shoes this week. Tuesday was Zone Conference.  We had good training and one of the cool parts was Sister Boucher teaching about music in our missionary work.  There was good food. They had pork sanwiches with Sweet Baby Ray’s and fruit and vegetables. Wednesday I ate SALAD.  Thursday night we did some service. I got some discus/shotput practice as I threw some boards on top of this lady’s house.  We also moved a bunch of 30′ rebar. Friday I made a mistake and didn’t put on sunscreen and got burned. But we went to Burger King that night and I drove up to Aibonito up a windy road!   Second time driving in the mission!!   Saturday and Sunday were what made this week one of the best in a while.

     Saturday we head out and we are contacting under the rich Puerto Rican sun when we start talking to this guy and sure enough we are let in and we start teaching.  At first it was he and his wife then their Grand daughter showed up and listened too.  It was way nice just to get some relief from the sun.  We put a Baptismal date with the grand daughter!  We taught another lesson and after we finished off the day with a less active lesson with Neysha.  At first we just helped her with some things at the house.  My companion did the Dishes and I helped clean up some other stuff.  Then we sung a song and had a prayer. Her son had a fever and during the prayer I guess was shivering or something so we ended up giving him a blessing. Then we talked with Neysha.  I really felt the love that Heavenly Father has for me in that moment. I just starting thinking about it and how the less active loves her little children so much and how Heavenly Father loves her so much too.  I testified of that to her but I was getting teary eyed! Our Heavenly Father loves us so very much. I felt that strongly on Saturday as we had those three lessons which was blessing just to take relief from the sun and the whole day was a great day. I also thought it was awesome when Neysha said how her son is sick but is always happy.  It was true though. Here was a little baby with a fever and still laughing and smiling.  A good lesson that we can still choose to have a good happy smiling attitude even if we have a fever!

     Sunday was a great day as well. We had church of course and I got to bless the Sacrament.  After that we had a fantastic lesson with some people with a member.  We put Baptismal dates with them too. This week we started to use hymns at the beginning of lessons like Sister Boucher talked about in Zone Conference.  It  helped a lot I think.  Of course too the member helped yesterday.  Okay, well, after that we went home and had lunch. Victor had a lot of good food for us but what do you think I ate first? That’s right I hogged all of the SALAD and had a plate of that before moving onto Chuleta (pork) rice and beans and potatoes.  Then we went to another dinner with Chicken, DELICIOUS mashed potatoes, carrots and SALAD. Perhaps you have wondered why I capitalize SALAD every time.  Well, it’s a delicacy here basically not really but I get is so rarely that it’s work capitalizing every time.  Oh also they had tres leches desert and zesty italian dressing.  MMMMM..  Then we four taught a lady about the Restoration.  My week was great. Keep carrying on.

Elder Glazier

One thought on “This week was AWESOME!!

  1. you know, whatever I EAT I don’t fat! (is true).
    speaking of wish, I had been doing more merit badge because I went to powwow and the good news is I only have to do one homework……. will I’ll be going.


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