Change is pretty cool!

Hello Friends and Family From Freezing places. This week was an irregular week.  I’ll show you why later but for now we washed the car last Monday and of course it rained on it on Tuesday during district meeting.  Oh well. That’s why we need IMG_3318[1]to learn to not get our kneecaps bent out of place and pull hair out of our nostrils for no reason right? Especiallywhen the circumstancias are out of our control.

This week I started a challenge called the purification process. You fast, pray and make a list of things that impede the Spirit and then do
n’t do the things on your list for 40 days and you will change and be able to teach with the Spirit.  So Wednesday we fasted. I’m already seeing a little change in my mission. I think a lot of that has to do with just changing my mindset.  But I know I’m getting blessed for it.  Change is pretty cool!  Hopefully I’ll be even better at the end of the 40 days.  So the irregularity of week included different things.  We fasted on Wednesday.

     Friday we made the third trip to Caguas for my toe. The X rays were fine so I’m good. No infection.  Still a little red and swolen but it will be alright.  Just so you know, missionaries with a sickness or injury that takes more than two weeks to heal or recover, go home! And my credible source on that is Sister Boucher told me about that.  So if I would have had a bone infection, you would have been seeing me. YIKES.  You don’t want to see me for many reasons and one of those is I have glasses tan/burn lines and also I’m just nasty. My body is deteriorating. All I have basically eaten for the past months is beans and rice so basically if Laurence or Kaal tried to punch me it would just mash. Whereas if I punch Laurence he has beef and vegtables in those muscles my hand would break. And If I punch Kaal my hand would break as well cause he has all kinds of duck, chicken feet and that kind of things in his muscles. But I’m really doing alright. Maybe someone will give me a little courtesy laugh about what I just wrote.

     Saturday was irregular because we went and did service for a less active for a while then went and knocked on some doors then went to Stake Conference.  We sung in the Choir. It was alright. I kind of felt bad cause we weren’t that loud…. Yesterday we had the General Session of Stake Conference and then went and ate lunch. After lunch I got a little siesta which was so nice.  But then the Bishop pretty much woke us up when he pulled up to take us to the lesson.  It was a good lesson. It started off strange though when the investigator’s grandmother was freaking out that we were talking to her grand daughter. And the grandma was Catholic. She calmed down when she found out who we were and stuff.

After that lesson we went and tried to contact then went to a dinner with a member. It was tacos which was good. I also drank three or four glasses of Tamarindo juice.  A little bit of horchata too.  We have Zone conferencetomorrow.  This week I ate eggs and ham for breakfast. With a lot of butter. What you think is a lot of butter is probably not actually how much I ate. Maybe it is. I almost used an entire cube this week by myself just for breakfast.  What? Too much for the heart? I had to affect my heart some way right? I missed the romance for Valentine’s day so the next best thing is Cholesterol.

Anyways. Tell me if my jokes are just dumb and I can stop. Are they dumb?  Anyways, also some kind of crazy guy yelled at us yesterday from upstairs in a house. He yelled, “BYU” and I was like “SI!”but so we called the house and the bottom guy came out and as we were talking to him the mystery yeller was revealed and he told my BYU wasn’t going to make it to the Sweet 16.  So It was a good week. Take care and read your scriptures and follow the Prophet.

Elder Glazier

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