People Eat Blood Sausage

It’s February 15 and I’m still 18 years old. But the sky is still blue and there is still no snow here. Okay, so this week was another great hard working week.  We found 7 more new investigators but we need to work with members better.

Wanna know something nasty? This week I ate blood sausage. Did I eat a second piece just to make sure? Yes I did it was weird stuff. I prefer I nice salad and Churrasco if you understand what I mean.  We are still practicing for the choir for Stake Conference that we have this weekend.  We got fed twice on Tuesday one was ham earlier in the day and then blood sausage later with lechon which is pork. I realized that beef isn’t that big around here.

Hey Aunt Mary THANK YOU SO MUCH for the package.  It was sure nice to have that after a hard day!  What else happened? We finally cleaned the apartment today.  My toe is doing alright.  I got sunburned two Saturdays ago.  This week we taught Nellie who cried because of a prayer and when I quoted the first vision.  That was a good lesson.  I’m doing well. I’m working the hardest I have on my mission.  On Saturday we had a good member present lesson and got some food.  Well, that’s kind of it for now.  Sorry for the short email.  Maybe next week there will be more to talk about.  We also washed our car today which was a good thing to do.  Have a good week.


2 thoughts on “People Eat Blood Sausage

  1. I have been good this week, I am working on Personal Fitness Merit Badge and work on other two badges later. And I hope your work will go well, you better know them first so you know how to help them. Otherwise it’s not going to be easy.


  2. Tyler…Elder Glazier, I am not sure this little message will get to you, but just wanted you to know we are grateful for your service and example out there in the world! You are part of such a great cause. I know you work hard and are belong blessed every day for your efforts. Enjoy that missionary spirit today, it is so rich and unique. Enjoy every moment, they go so fast!


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