Game plan called “The Word of Wisdom”

Hello. I have a sunburn so I’m sunburned. Let’s go right to it BRONCOS WON THE SUPER BOWL! Okay back to mission.  Okay so come to find out my companion’s sister was going to be named Tyler James Brown then she turned out to be a girl but that was cool.  They tore up some of the street here and put concrete in.  Victor Felix does our laundry too.  Last Monday I think a member gave us some Mexican food like burritos and Elder Gil was pretty excited about that too. I had like probably four or five and finished off about all of the additives you know how they put out the lettuce, union, tomato and all that? Yeah, I finished off about all of it…  I finally got an awesome nap last Monday I cashed in the sleep account for like two hours.

We went to Aibonito for our District meeting on Tuesday.  There is a windy road up to it. My companion said something about how it might be a good idea to invest in Drama bean or however you spell that drug that helps with car sickness.  It reminded me of that time we went up to the redwoods and a ton of us wanted to HURL (Mark Wait and Joe Ludlow read this blog).  After the District Meeting we ate.  We went to a pizza place.  On Wednesday I went on an exchange to Aibonito and worked with an Ecuadorian who is learning English and he even taught a lesson to these converts in English! Those converts want to go and be sealed in Salt Lake next year.  On Thursday I got my bed fixed. The Couple missionaries Daringtons came and brought some wood that got cut to size so now I don’t have to worry about my bed falling out from under me.  On Friday we made another trip up to Caguas. By the way Kaal my companion knows Alby and another guy in our ward.  So we went to Caguas and waited for four hours to get my toe checked.  It isn’t hurting or anything but still red.  The doctor told us I needed an X rayFriday night we went to another hospital. This time a local Cayey one. Our investigator’s brother had injected himself with something really bad. He went crazy and violent they said. So we were at the hospital watching him with our investigator. So we have two investigator’s. Maria and her Grandson Mykle. It was Maria’s brother that was there.  My companion and Mykle had to keep him from leaving the hospital stretcher.  I helped a little but it was crazy. Okay people DO NOT INJECT YOURSELVES!!!! NEVER EVER DO DRUGS! I’m being serious.  Ï’m crazy enough crean swins boom lapper crank bait chucker slucker mucher droon cake smashing!! You don’t need more problems. Doing drugs is very not smart. Please don’t ever ever ever put anything into your body that isn’t Churrasco or Sodalicous alright?  (or pecan pie, mashed potatoes) Okay.  So Saturday morning we went to the Cayey x ray place with president Boucher.  Hopefully my infection isn’t in my bone.  We found some good investigators this week.  I get to sing in Stake Conference in a Ward Choir.  We played some soccer this morning.  Also, on a Elder Glazier’s lesson for the week (other than don’t do drungs) note, I’m still so blessed. I think I was reminded this week of how little my problems are. Victor Felix the guy who already does everything for the missionaries had a thunderstorm hit last week.  His mother got a brain stroke and two heart attacks I think. So he’s been doing hours of help for her while getting not much sleep for himself and to add more to that HE got sick last week. Yes, I had a cold, yes, we all have challenges but I think a good life lesson for me is to remember that my problems aren’t really anything to what happens to other people. Also, another example of a person with problems bigger than mine is Maria, our investigator. She is already in basically full time care of her sister who has health problems and then what happens? Her brother makes an fea decision and uses substances to destroy his body.  So now she has to look out for them both.  That’s why we went to the hospital, to be with Mykle while she left to look after her sister.  But the beautiful thing, is that the Savior knows ALL of the problems and ALL of the people. PERFECTLY.  He is very willing to help us whether our challenges are big or small. Self caused or by the agency of others.  Okay so Laurence, Kaal our game plan called “The Word of Wisdom” alright ready break.  That way we won’t have to cause problems for Aubrey and Hannah.  Well, sorry if these things I say are obnoxious.  Hopefully you get some good out of it.  Now on a different note. Happy Chinese New Year (Mostly Kaal will like this)  And since I have a bunch of friends with Birthdays this month I’ll just say Happy Birthday to: Jordan Hicken (2), Levi Wilson (5), Mark Wait (13), Tua Ward and Courtney Bird (20), Amy Gill (25), Natalie Reynolds and Susie Clawson (26).  Sorry for missing Levi and Jordan’s earier and also it is the date that is in parentheses not the age.  Okay have a good week and hopefully if you are a girl you get a nice rose on Sunday or if you are a returned missionary BOY that is over the age of 24 you buy a girl a rose. Have a great week and enjoy what Howard W. Hunter says.

Elder Glazier



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