A witness for the Baptisms

It’s February. Get ready for spring.  So many thing happened this week.  It was a long but good solid week.  First off I’ll just tell you I drank some alcoholic sparkling apple cider on Monday that a member gave us. He thought it was just like Martinelli’s but then Elder Nielson looked at the bottle after we had drunken a little bit and it was like 5% alcohol.  OOPS! Maybe I’m a sinner maybe not. But also I definitely had some fermented orange juice in Levittown too but I think I’m okay.

      Okay so also Monday night had almost a full moon which was gorgeous. Tuesday was transfer day.  I am now in Caguas Zone, In the area Cayey.  My new companion is Elder Brown from Utah.  He is like 20 and went to the U for a year before his mission.  He is a really hard worker and I think we have some great potential together.  We live underneath a member who cooks lunch for us everyday.  We buy the food and he cooks.  I am up in the mountains and on Tuesday I think my ears popped for the first time in a long time.  It’s green and more cool here.  I don’t even need a fan to sleep at night. Speaking of sleeping my bed is a sucky as a vacuum (pull the dust filter out before you vacuum up water with a wet dry vac) the bed board things underneath are like shorter than the width of the frame so it falls out quite often.
      I’ve seen some more backhoes lately.
      On Tuesday we were driving and I looked at the mountain and it was awesome because how often can you see palms and pines on the same mountain? Not very often says Elder Glazier. Thursday we had a mission meeting. It wasn’t the full mission though just those who could make it to Trujillo Alto in  a reasonable time.  Elder Maines from the presidency of the Seventy spoke to us.  I liked what he said about how teaching, church, baptisms, studying, whatever is nice.  It’s the calling houses and finding people to teach that is the missionary work.  It’s true though. Teaching, studying, Church, or other things are easy and enjoyable even,  but the key is getting out to work and finding people to teach.
      I went and jogged a couple mornings this week. It was “cool” in a couple of ways.
      I saw a little tender mercy this week as I left Caparra and I hadn’t got a picture with this awesome member named Johnny. Well, he was at the Trujillo Alto building this week when we were so I snagged a picture with him.  I also got a cold this week for the first time since the MTC. Not even Tropical islands in the Carribean ocean can keep you away from nasal problems.  It was awesome this week as a couple of different people told us that we showed up at a time of need. One was a less active member named Marla who we are helping and another was just a contact that she said things were a little rough.
      My companion bought me a frosty and some churros this week which was nice of him since my card ran out of money.
      On Saturday we went to a wedding at the Church.  Elder Gil from Mexico and Elder Lopez from Guatemala had three Baptisms yesterday! It was a couple and their son.  Thus, the wedding was necessary on Saturday. If you are wondering why just ask my secretary Aubrey or my clients Laurence or Kaal because they know why. They have served missions. On Sunday I was blessed to be able to be a witness for the Baptisms.  One had to be repeated because the words weren’t exact.  I also spoke on Sunday too about my mission.  What do you think I said for what has pleased me most about my mission?  I’ll let you think it over but it’s not hard to figure out.  I also got to try star fruit yesterday and I like it.
      Okay have a good first day and week of February! Also, get ready to watch groundhog day manana because you know why.  Also, tomorrow is also Elder Hicken’s birthday my first companion in the field.  Also, tomorrow marks three years ago when a teammate of mine, Parker Allred passed away.  He was a great person.  I’m grateful for the plan of Salvation.  It is a beautiful thing and our Savior Jesus Christ makes it all possible he is there with us from the beginning and to the end.  He created this world so that we can one day live with him again.  Have a great day!
Elder Glazier

One thought on “A witness for the Baptisms

  1. Will… I have work to do with my dad and I am preparing for spring like helping other members selling marker holder, fixing lawn mowers, and more! So keep up a good work!! (P.S. may the spirit be with you.)


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