Joseph Smith is and was a prophet of God

It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday and when we got to library it was closed. My  week was good.  How was yours?  On Tuesday we taught a lesson to an investigator and we gave her a blessing.  We had a zone meeting that day and we ate some Costco Pizza. There is a street here named Calle Sauce. I might have already metioned that in a previous email but anyways.

       Friday we taught this cool guy. He has been painting his uncle’s house but we came and taught him and it was one of my best lessons in the mission if not the best. I seemed comfortable, and saying good things. It was also really cool when I got to teach him how to pray and he did really well!  On Saturday the other Elders had a Baptism.  I got to lead the music.  The guy they Baptized is cool. He has had some bad things happen with his son dying and I think he got divorced but since he’s started living the word of wisdom and accepting the Gospel, his life has been blessed and his wife wants to marry him again or something cause he looks better and isn’t using any coffee or whatever.

After the Baptism our Bishop wanted us to stay for a funeral service for a lady that passed away in the ward.  I was blessed to be able to meet her and take the Sacrament to her a few times before she died. She just had her 67th birthday I think in December.  I always feel a special spirit at funerals. It is a very sad time but for me funerals are spiritual confirmations and feelings for me of God’s love and plan of salvation.  I remember my Sophomore year I felt that spirit at Uncle Laval’s funeral and Parker Allred’s funeral. I also for some reason like singing hymns at funerals.

In Puerto Rico they really like their holidays. They already have the Valentines stuff up in Walgreens!  It was a good week. I liked in the Howard W. Hunter book the part that mentioned that to have peace in our lives we can develop testimonies of the Savior and Joseph Smith.  Yesterday we watched Emma Smith. Whenever I see those videos or are reminded of Liberty Jail or Carthage or tar and feathering, I get kind of sad but also feel the Spirit testifying of the truthfulness that Joseph Smith is and was a prophet of God.  Emma Smith had to go through a lot too but whenever I see those videos about Joseph Smith suffering I get kind of taken aback. It also reminds me of how little my suffering is and how great my responsiblility is to work hard in the Gospel.

I sometimes wonder how should we repay them for what they did? Well God has a plan for us. We don’t neccessarily need to go through Haun’s mill or Liberty, but maybe our challenge is faith and trusting prophets or working hard in missions or keeping the Sabbath day holy.  I would also say if you feel bad for what happened to Joseph Smith in any measure and you have this Gospel you had better not go inactive! Those early people suffered for us and went through a lot and it wasn’t so we could have easy street but it was so we could have smooth highways to get to WORK and BLESSINGS in the gospel.  Well, I just kind of went on a rant. My point is that sometimes I feel crummy or weak compared to early saints or Joseph Smith which let’s face it I am, but really everyone has separate responsibilities and so we just need to do ours as best we can but also I think a good way of paying tribute to those early saints and Joseph Smith and also showing gratitude for the Savior is gratefully enjoying the peace we have now but also actively doing our responsibility. I hope that makes sense. I know I need to do my best because I owe a lot to my family members and old time Saints and lots of people.  I love you all. Careful on ice and snow.

Elder Glazier

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