” Dia de Reyes.”

Well, hello. Another week is done.  Our numbers were horrible this week. But the nice thing is there is another week ahead to improve.  So, I learned about the holiday, ” Dia de Reyes.”  We don’t celebrate it but here it is pretty big. It was on Wednesday and when we went out it was kind of dead.  So Tuesday night at English class the teacher told me that Tuesday night is like apparently the night the wisemen received the star or revelation to go where the baby Jesus was. Then Wednesday was Dia de Reyes. Apparently the little kids get stuff put under their beds.  The holiday season in the states stops pretty much after new years but here it has that extra holiday.

We got fed three times this week by members.  Saturday night was the best of them with ribs, mashed potatoes, ice cream, cheese cake and Coke.  That member has so many records! As in Music records.  I told the Sister that I have seen Paul McCartney and the Eagles.  Our rice ran out yesterday.  I also drank about 2 and a half gallons of Orange drink this week. By my estimation and I think the other Elders agree, I’m headed for skin cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and kidney stones.  YIKES. The Elders yesterday told me about kidney stones and maybe that new knowledge will help me to back off the Coke a little bit.  We don’t have a scale so I don’t know how much I weigh.  My mentality is though that I’m doing quite a bit of walking and that I can change my diet after the mission.  But roughly, I have eaten 20 pounds of rice in about 40 days or so.

If any of you want to know more about the work, feel free to send me and email and  I can write more about the work. Please please please enjoy the Provo Temple Open house. We are going to have two there in Provo and in the Carribean for millions of people there is only one! Thanks for your prayers and support.

Elder Glazier

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