Everything is still green. Including me.

 Hello, I don’t have a lot of time today. This week I did two exchanges.  On the second one I was woken up by a helicopter circling or going back and forth looking for a criminal or something.  I was really confused and actually kind of scared because I didn’t exactly know what was going on.  I was thinking kind of like maybe I was having a night terror triggered by my fan and my mind was imagining that the fan sound was a helicopter noise. It was scary and weird but then the next day I saw a backhoe. That was cool.

     Everything is pretty good here. Do you get this temperatures in Utah in January? No, you do not get these temperatures in Utah in January!  Everything is still green. Including me.  We have 1:00 Church now.  For those of you who think I’m a hard worker, think again because I’m not going to argue with having Church in Air Conditioning at 11:00 in the afternoon.  What else happened? Well, I ate SALAD on Tuesday. A lot of it .  The nice Sister even made more this time because I had eaten a decent amount the first time.

  Hopefully you had a happy new year. 2016 will be good. We stayed up playing some dominoes and then saw some fireworks on New Years eve.  Anyways, get excited for the Olympics, Voting for President of the United States of America, and General Conference in Three Months and all that good stuff. 

     Okay well, start those exercise programs and keep going don’t let your Torch burn out like President Uchtdorf talked about in the first Presidency Address in October Liahona/Ensign.  Long live Churrasco, Lugnuts, Sodalicous, BRINSKET and Finshing!!!! And of Course Missionary Work!


Elder Glazier

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