Attitude determines smiletude

Well, look at that! Or feel at that! When we walked to the library today it was raining and so what happened is when we walked into the Air Conditioning, I FELT THE SENSATION OF “CHILLY” it’s still a real thing! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

Happy new year now. 2016 will bring many good things if you put in the work. If not you can at least watch the 2016 Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.   That will be given to you regardless of if you put in work or not. Actually you’ll need to put in some work to turn on the TV set and probably more work to pay for it. Anyways. Happy New Year.   Young people take advantage of the new year’s multi stake dance!! Young Adult’s take advantage of New year’s parties in general (Laurence And Kaal Glazier)

Okay well, I had a good week. It was less productive than scissors trying to cut concrete steps but you know we still made it through another week. We painted at a less actives house.  We ate dinner with the Bishop of the Ward we are serving in.  We had dinner at a member’s house on Christmas eve.  On Friday we ate at a member’s house then skymped home.  That was good!  I played some pool again.  Saturday we ate lunch at a member’s house and then that night we played some basketball with some teenagers which was fun but I’m still sore a little bit.  That’s about it.  It hasn’t snowed yet.  I keep throwing down Coke, beans, rice, and other stuff.  Life is good! Attitude determines smiletude I guess you could say.

Also, be careful this weekend ringing in the New year.  Don’t do anythig stupid.  Oh yeah that’s good advice for me too.  And someone please drink some Martinelli’s for me alright?  But  don’t drik too munch or elnse you might have to go to banthroom too munch!!!! Ejoy foontball toon!

Elder Glazier

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