I know he lives

This is going to be short. I didn’t really write down what happened this week plus I will talk to you on Friday.  For all of you who follow my blog, well, just know that lugnuts exist in this Island!  I hope that you all are throwing down good holiday goodies.

This week we had transfers. My companion and I stayed.  Elder Nielson came and replaced Elder Aguilar. He is from Utah and as I got to know him better it made me realize how blessed I am once again. Anyways, another week passed by.

We went to the mission home on Friday night for some ham, potatoes, chicken and SALAD.  There was other stuff too. We got hooked up with some presents and they showed us the Living Christ video that was made.  Um what else happened? I ate two cups of rice yesterday for lunch with my chicken.  I finished off my Kalamata olives and also one of the Barbeque sauces already is gone. Maybe we’ll go to Costco when we have money.

Anyways, Merry Christmas most of all. Christ lives.  He was born to a righteous woman and father on earth. He was born in the humblest circumstance and also went through the worst possible circumstances and pain for us.  He restored his Church through a true prophet Joseph Smith.  He did these things out of love for us so that we can have the opportunity to live with him.  He was perfect and we can become perfect through him and his Atonement.

Since I won’t be able to be there to post a Christmas Eve Instagram, I’ll leave you with that testimony.  Take some time to remember him and “be at peace” like Elder Christofferson said.  But also, enjoy time with family.

Elder Glazier

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