My first Baptism!

       Hello! Another transfer is done.  This week was a very solid week. We had interviews with President Boucher.  We went all the way over to Jardines de Caparra and took the train but the interviews were actually in the Church on the other side of the area. So a senior missionary drove us over there.  I had a fantastic interview with President Boucher that really helped me.  He also took a look at my toe that has been having some ingrown toenail problems.  I’m fine though he hooked me up with some antibiotic materials because it was pretty red.  We also ate lunch with  some members and there was salad.
       Thanks for the Christmas package. It is safe and sound in the apartment. But why is it the 24th and not the 25th to open it?  We helped a sister move some stuff to a storage unit and I aquired a white suit. Stains are on it but I didn’t want to pass it up. I acutally don’t know if the pants will fit. I haven’t tried them on and they might be 30…
       That day I saw a ton of car dealerships. Like there was just all these car dealerships like that was where you were supposed to have car dealerships.  I also saw Christmas lights in the shapes of backhoes and maybe tractors.  Sweet idea. The sister bought us pizza.
       Friday was an exchange and…….. My first Baptism!  I was blessed with a beautiful opportunity to Baptize Rihanna.  She is 8.  I feel very very blessed. It was a very special experience.  We were at her house yesterday and I basically told her Grandma that it will be cool one day to get a call that she is headed to the Temple. I hope she stays on the Covenant path because as beautiful as Baptism is it is the “puerta” it’s the beginning. What a special blessing though. I didn’t really do anything I just got blessed and especially when she wanted me to Baptize her.

Saturday was good as well.  We have an investigator named Carlos who is awesome. He gave us a ride and came to the Ward Christmas party. Another great thing is that the members are befriending him. He came to Church too on Sunday.  A good week.  A very good week. I have used the word very, very much. Verily, it was a specacular week how’s that??  Merry Christmas.

Elder Glazier

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