People sometimes don’t make room for the Savior in their lives


Well, I was walking over to the library and I saw a weed hog and a tractor.

This email is going to be short I think.

Just kind of a week gone by.  I went on exchange this week, and Elder Jenkins the District leader, had the house glowing with lights. He spent like 20 dollars and the Bayamon Elder’s house has Christmas lights. On that same exchange this student who is a member worked with us for a little bit. He goes to the English ward but he went to BYU and served his mission in Raleigh, North Carolina a few years before McKay.

I have been enjoying Costco products lately.

I read some articles in the December Liahona and they were good.

I like Christmas music.  We have been sharing the video, Ha Nacido un Salvador lately.  I encourage you all to watch it. In English, it’s A Savior Is born.  And if you want to watch He is the gift that one is good too. Or the Easter ones.

I got to bless the Sacrament yesterday.

You don’t find this kind of weather in December in Utah no.

I continue to be blessed with Tender mercies.  Yesterday in Elder’s Quorum, we had a lesson on Christmas. There are so many different symbols with Christ’s birth. For example I learned yesterday that Belen or Bethlehem apparently means house of bread. Which, has symbolic meaning with the Savior.  It’s also interesting that the people wouldn’t make room for the Savior in their inns just like people sometimes don’t make room for the Savior in their lives. I think President Monson says something about that in his article in the Liahona.

Well, excuse the short email. Take care and eat some Christmas goodies alright?

Elder Glazier

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