So, the reality of LDS full time missions is that you have Preparation days, more commonly know as P-Days.  Have you ever heard of Preparation Week? No? Well it’s a real thing. At least it was this week because all we did was EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT! It was preparing our bodies with lots of extra energy to work.

How about Wednesday, the other Elders moved in and Elder Eakle the senior missionary who helps with housing and cars and stuff, took us to Famous Dave’s which is man, a new favorite maybe. Did I throw down a Tenxas Brinsket Sandwich with fries/wedges, and onion rings?  ABSOLUTELY!! Did we have a lunch appointment planned that day? Yes. Did we go to that one after throwing down BBQ? Yep. So at that one we had chicken, beans, rice, seven up/sprite, and custard.  Our awesome member here is Pedro and he sometimes shows his kind of pentacostal blood for example when the Hermana Morales brought out the custard (Flan) he sort of tossed up his arms and probably said something religious. The point is Wednesday we had two lunches. If you are wondering what throw down means, it signifies the act of Elder Glazier when food is placed before him. It is just an expression that I developed in Levittown that means to eat semi-vast to vast amounts depending on the person guaging it, of food, in a short time period.  So then we went to an appointment and had choir practice on that night.

Here in Puerto Rico you see a ton of lizards running around.  Also, it’s not uncommon to see Iguanas.  Mornings are gorgeous and fresh here but I’m hardly ever out in the mornings so I don’t enjoy them.  There’s been lately a lot of random noises like fireworks but I don’t know what they are.  We pass this supposedly sketching housing called Caseria, and hear noises too.

So Thanksgiving was pretty good. We went to a member’s house in the morning and had some food. I was feeling decent after the first plate and dessert but, I decided to have a second plate because unless you fill yourself completely, it’s not Thanksgiving, I stopped after the second one even though in the past I think I’ve shoved more foond into mine stomanch.  I also played some pool.  After that we did some weekly planning and then went to another food appointment at which I only had one plate.

     Friday was zone conference which was good. President Boucher spoke some powerful things. Like it’s a blessing and opportunity to work in the mission field and bring souls to Christ. He also said something like we might talk to people who it is their last chance to receive the gospel.  He also counseled us to be careful of what we put on our blogs. So President if you read this hopefully you like what you read.  Sister Boucher had some good breakfast food and fruit and muffins and stuff. I went back twice for more hashbrown breakfast mix stuff.  I got to do the purpose again and got to sing again.  Sunday was pretty good. I got to be the chorister for the music in Sacrament meeting as well as speak. We met Pedro’s dad who apparently worked in Bingham Canyon mine which I was thinking is Kennecott.

Today we went to Costco… at the beginning of every month we get $200.00.  Did I spend over $150.00 today? “The answer’s yes!” Kaal, tell me who I quoted there.  When you go to Costco how many food items should you buy? “As many as you can!” Kaal, tell me who I quoted there.  I think it was a good investment though. I bought a twenty pound bag of rice that should last for a month or so, hopefully.  It’s kind of funny in that Costco crows or some dark birds get in and fly around.

Well, hopefully you all ate some good stuffing and stuff on Thanksgiving.  This week was basically a relax. But hey, I won’t argue with four free meals in two days! Also, I bought a burger combo again at Costco, yum. I also saw on one of the free sample things the words ” SO DELICIOUS” naturally I tried the less-than-Sodalicous coconut organic milk. Okay, have a nice week. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving folks. Remember that we can always live in Thanksgiving!!!

Elder Glazier

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