Hello. This week is Thanksgiving! I can’t remember exactly if I already told you or not but a few weeks ago when I was still in Levittown, Reynold tried Pecan Pie and started flipping out because he liked it so much.  I think we are going to a less actives house on Thursday to eat.  I have so many blessings to be thankful for. A TON of blessings.  This week some of those were rides. First it was raining on Monday after we emailed and we were walking home with our groceries and a lady gave us a ride. Technically it was disobedient but I didn’t even think of that until after we thought of it as a tender mercy. Monday night I played some Pool for the first time in a while.  The lesson was a good message about enduring and perseverence.  Tuesday we ate dinner with a young couple who are members.  Their kid spilled Coke.  We did this game and I was able to share my testimony of Prophets.  Aubrey yes I got that package a while ago.  On Wednesday we visited Blanca the Michael Alisa lady.  We cooked up food with Pedro who is the interim ward mission leader who is sooooooo helpful. He’s already worked with us more in three weeks than anyone did in Levittown. That’s not to say that Levittown members are bad or anything it’s just Pedro Sanchez is awesome!  We also had a meeting that night.  Thursday I felt blessed again with rides because we walked to a member’s house for lunch and she couldn’t and I kind of had a stomach ache a little bit and didn’t want to walk back to the house to cook so what happened? A guy offers us a ride and we ended up going to his house and he gave us some food.

Later on Thursday we went to a less active’s house. Glendalys who is a mother with two CRAZY kids. My goodness.  We have gone there three times and she gives us food. We go with Pedro.  But this time we played dominoes while she was cooking us food. But man she has patience her kids are insane! The reason I typed about the other child spilling Coke is cause one of Glendalys’ kids took the Sprite bottle and dumped it out mostly if not all! The sister child was sitting really hard on top of the other child, she also took her bottle and squirted me and her little brother and the fan and lights and TV were going on and off too. But, I think it relates because I think Glendalys like gave the little girl a little hit with her flip flop for misbehaving and the little child went crying back to her mom. I think it’s really interesting but It relates to adults too. These kids were doing everything to make the life of their mom difficult and when something goes wrong for them they go right to their mom for help whom they previously have been frustrating. But it relates because all of us at some point do something stupid or make mistakes or sin. Which is contrary to God but then what happens when we get hurt spiritually or need help or something? We go to prayer or ask forgiveness when a few minutes or so ago we were doing everything contrary. It is interesting but I think it also is powerful to know that no matter what we do we can always make it right through the Atonement.

I also am noticing out here how much this is the Lord’s work and not mine.  There are millions of people on this Island and somehow someway we run into and teach and talk to the ones that are prepared or that’s what you hope to do. It’s all about doing your part because this work is far to complicted and there are far too many people here for just a few or even 200 missionaries even if they are skilled to make it all happen. It is the work of the Lord. This week I think I saw a Mazda with a long bed and also a saw some trees with leaves kind of like moms indoor plants with those kind of oval leaves.  Friday we painted a railing for hours.  It was breezy and sunny and I was thinking about old high school Football memories like when it was breezy and sunny (and freezing cold) in the 2013 State Game 2 years ago.

Probably the best Birthday present I ever received or one of is the Juice leatherman from Jake Dain. I tightened screws on cupboards this week and felt pretty good but it was just observing like dad always said. I did that in Levittown once too. But I felt good cause it’s so simple these cupboards come lose because the screw on the hinge comes lose easy fix take the screwdriver on the Leatherman and tightened it up and it’s fixed! I saw some more people out using pressure washers.  On Saturdaypeople were out doing yard work too. We pass this house and I noticed that they had a seat out of a car which seemed to be out there with their like patio seats. I guess their are rednecks in the Islands of the sea as well as the States.

We have Zone Conference this week.  Hopefully Sister Boucher makes us Pecan Pie if not oh well. The other two Caparra Elders are moving in this week too. Our house is big enough but I think we are cramming four of us in bunk beds in the one room with Air Conditiong ( also another blessing). The kitchen is puny yikes.  Oh well, life goes on right? It’s not like that is going to ruin my day. I hope it doesn’t sometimes you just have to deal with stuff. Yowhaimsayin?  Like for example you have to deal with night and day no sense in complaining!!! Yesterday was good. We had church then went over to the place where Blanca lives. She invited us for Thanksgiving cause she was celebrating that day cause her children couldn’t on Thursday or something. So when she originally invited us I knew that there was going to be football games on and I basically told her oh we probably won’t watch much football but we’ll come for food. Weeeeelll, that didn’t work out. We showed up and did I watch about half of the Broncos Bears game and others? Yes. So yeah. Sometimes I’m not obedient. The food was terrific! She gave us turkey, rice and beans, pasta salad, potato salad, Coke, apetizers, walnuts ( which I think reminded me of going over to Grandpa Cook’s for football games!) and pumpkin pie and custard. Good food. I’m not really gaining weight out here though. The times I’ve weighed I’m like 180 still! Well, I’m feeling pretty good.

Sometimes I wake up and feel like fish do when dad is on the lake but today I woke up and I was in a good mood! Strange. That’s how the fish and bucks feel when I go. They rejoice because I’m not skilled. But I’m a fisher of men right now like the scriptures say!!!!!! I hope you all have a fantastic week. Remember that there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for whether it’s air to breathe a cell phone, family, or that creen hench wat-romper-slamer-boomer-cranapple-swine flem kicker Tyler is on a mission or even you can be thankful for school! Or even you can be thankful for Hymns or many many many other things. INCLUDING SODALICIOUS!!!!!!!!

From Elder Glazier who is currently on the Island of Puerto Rico. If you want to sign up to date my brothers please contact my secretaries Aubrey Glazier and Hannah Glazier. For more information visit www.whyarelaurenceandkaalnotmarried.com/primecandidatesheartsarebreaking.org.  or www . thatwasrudetylerhaveagoodweek.com

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