Many Things to be Thankful for, with a Cherry on Top!

IMG_3076[1]Costco five dollar lunch. A huge burger and lots of fries!
 IMG_3077[1]Cuban lunch: more beans than rice.

Hey there. There was a day this past week we got soaked. I kind of wanted to take a picture but the problem is that I was kind of ya know dried off a bit by the time we got back to the house. I didn’t even change.

Our church building here is large.  It has two floors with the chapel up top.  We don’t have an organ so they use a piano for the music which is still great. Also this building has pews which is a step up from Levittown which just had chairs.  There is tire place called Tuco’s tires. But I haven’t seen anyone with a rope around their neck or met anyone called Arch Stanton.  And I’m not a blondie.

There are many things to be thankful for but this week one was this nice waterproof bag I have.  Keeps the materials dry!  Okay now on to more interesting stuff. So one night I kind of just glanced or looked at the map. I saw Sierra Bayamon which is an urbanization here.  I felt like we should work there. So on Wednesday we went over there. It took over an hour to walk there but it was worth it because we found a guy to come back and teach but that isn’t the best part.  We walk down this street and my companion was like call that one so we stop and call into this house we start talking to this woman and as i turns out, she was taught and baptized by none other than Michael Alisa and his companion a few years ago, and he is a former Timpview and BYU football player!!!!  That was cool she has back pain and is less active but that was a great experience.  That wasn’t the only cool connection of the week.  On Thursday we ate lunch at a member’s house. She had some photo albums out and a photo of the Shumway family from our stake was there. I was like oh yeah they are from my stake. Ricky Shumway’s dad baptized this member’s sister.  Also as we were talking at lunch,I learned that Elder Aguilar, another Caparra Elder from Costa Rica knows an Elder Richardson, a huge guy, football player from Provo Utah. I’m almost certain it’s Creed Richardson, Nate’s brother.  And for a cherry on top, last Sunday in Church we had some visitors who had lived in Provo for like 20 years or something and then yesterday a couple was here from Grantsville.  The houses aren’t that big here but you look out across the roofs and there are many DirecTV dishes.  I have seen a few people outside with pressure washers squirting stuff down.  Also I have seen now twice I think people wheelying however you spell that, Four Wheelers!!!

The last two Saturdays we have done service. The first time was trash pick up and then on Saturday we helped a sister paint.  I felt kind of lazy or something cause I kind of forgot how to do the tape good. I was kind of trying to remember how you want the tape to be because I knew I had done some paint projects in months before the mission but didn’t really know what exactly was going on.  It wasn’t my best work day.  Sometimes I’m not the most aggresive get it done kind of guy… Despite that we still got pizza, ice cream. drinks, and guacomole. Am I going to argue? No. Oh also, the sister that we were helping has a boyfriend who I remembered I had seen in Levittown.  It’s interesting talking to people here about how the church is in Utah and about Temples and stuff. I don’t think I really realized before the mission how many 15 Temples are! Our Seminary building at Timpview was bigger than the Church in Levittown. Our home Church building is bigger than the Stake Center for Toa Baja. I’ve one seen one Chapel with padded pews so far. Don’t even think about putting a gym inside the churches here. But they have them outside.  It’s just interesting. I tell people that back home pretty soon with the new Provo Temple you will be able to pass 8 Temples in about an hour drive on I-15 Payson, Provo, Provo City Center, Mt. Timp., Oquirrh Mtn, Draper, Jordan River, Salt Lake. I am very very blessed.  It’s also kind of interesting how I never remember full time missionaries for our ward.  But hey that’s why I’m in Puerto Rico right? To grow the church so that one day a Temple will be here hopefully!! It’s interesting to me kind of that dogs understand Spanish. Whatever language they are trained in it works!  Now, congratulations for Timpview making it to the State Game again!! Dad, this year I want a Lamanite Mowhawk with skinny lightning bolts down the sides! Oh wait just a second, actually I think it would be better if I had the conservative Missionary Haircut!  Afterall I’m a missionary!  How are the Denver Broncos doing?  Yesterday, we were in Pedro’s Toyota again going to Church and it reminded me of the Bean with the five speed, dirty car with the windows rolled down. I already have seen some Christmas lights and and Tree or two! Where is the THANKSGIVING SPIRIT?????  Okay, I thought some more about Christmas package and if you want to, one of Laurence’s or Kaal’s old electric razors maybe and a new laundry bin basket thing. They have like mess ones that stand on there own, I think I’ve even seen some divided in like three sections one of those would be good but don’t feel like you have to. Also, a couple new walmart watches would be nice but no big deal don’t worry I’m doing just fine.

Elder GlazierIMG_3080[1] My new companion, Elder Capellan

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