The members are offensive lineman and the missionaries are receivers and quarterbacks

     Well, Tuesday was trasfer day.  I am now In the Caparra ward, part of Bayamon.  On Wednesday we jumped right into the action as I got to lead the music for Ward Council and Elder Capellan, my new companion, got to pray.  He is from the Dominican Republic, 21 I think, has about 7 1/2 months in the mission.
     One day this week it was like break stuff day or at least drop/ whatever. It started with the alarm clock that somehow just I kinda threw on the ground it’s okay completely the cover for the batteries and a battery or two came out. Then I think I had finished washing a plate and put in on the dish dryer/dripper and it fell out and shattered, then later that same day I think I almost knocked over a fan and my companion saved it from falling.  Also I was slipping on mud today too.
     There is this guy here he’s like the Interim Ward mission leader and he is AWESOME.  He’s already worked with us and given us rides. The Church is outside of our area.  We also moved into where the sister missionaries were living and so our place is nice.  Lots of pink…  In a meeting this week we were sitting there and the topic of the conversation was members in missionary work and missionaries.  I had the idea come to mind that missionary work is like a football offense.  The members are offensive lineman and the missionaries are receivers and quarterbacks who score and you know get to have Baptisms and that kind of thing when the members work is so important. Everyone has a role but the missionaries are flashier.
     It rains here everyday.  I got to give a little introduction about myself and share my testimony on Sunday.  We shopped at Costco today. Did I buy toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste in kind of bulk to stalk up? Yes.  Did I buy Nutella? (not newtella credits to dad because they aren’t hazlenewts) Yes.  Also, everytime I get used to something then change it’s difficult for me. The first week of the MTC was difficult, the first week of Levittown was difficult, my first exchange was difficult, and now again this week. But I was very blessed.  I’m feeling better and our Ward missionary leader guy is just hilarious and great.  Also Saturday I walked back to Levittown. It was service project picking up trash and we walked along this walkway thing for a while until the ocean.  I’m doing pretty well.  Work is a very good thing to do if you feel down. Just like President Hinckley said in Way to Be. Work is the best antidote for worry and the best medicine for despair! He said something like that and that helped me this week I think. I was kind of feeling down but then I just kind of went and walked and tried to be optimistic and it helps.
     Thank you dad for telling me that missions are what you make of them. I think that’s what I needed to here cause I get feeling down but if you just kinda “viciously attack” like dad used to tell me you feel less down! Dad’s gonna read this and say ” Imagine that” it’s okay though. Also yesterday I think I thought of Laird Whipple “I wanna see sweat…” as I had sweat running down my back.

IMG_3066[1]IMG_3059[1] IMG_3065[1] IMG_3063[1]  IMG_3048[1] IMG_3047[1] IMG_3045[1]

Elder Glazier


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