I will be transferred to Caparra

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Hello! My name is Elder Glazier!  Well I am done with training!! Tomorrow I will be transferred to Caparra, not too far from Levittown.  It’s the same zone, and I have the mission office in my area.  On Monday, we sang I know that My Reedemer Lives in Spanish and that song is very good. It brought me comfort then.  We also sang that song at Parker Allred’s funeral my sophomore year and it comforted me then too, I believe.

Last Monday we also ate at Panda Express.  I had an exchange this week as well with Elder Burton my district leader over in Toa Baja.  It went better than my first one. I don’t like changes too much, I get used to a place, apartment or companion and I don’t like changes but this time the exchange went better.  Here’s the thing, you wanna know the thing?? Rice and beans are good man!!! It’s becoming one of my favorite things and I’m not lying!! Also, I definitely stood up on a chair this week in the apartment and told the “verdict” on mission hugs between Elders.  I dont’ really like the whole hug thing, only in certain circumstances.

Friday night, Elder Jacob and Elder Chavez new convert was Baptized by Elder Jacob. Elder Jacob is one of the hardest workers ever and he’s been working so hard. I was glad to see that happen. He leaves on Thursday but I was happy that he is leaving his mission with a Baptism.  She received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday in Church.  So last week I found out pretty much that I was getting transferred and I’m actually a little sad that I’m leaving some of these great people here. I realized that I have come to love some of them.  By the way it’s been pretty rainy lately and also now and this past week we had water every day finally!

Saturday we celebrated halloween by having a Mission Wide meeting with Elder Cornish, and Elder Christensen of the seventy and the presidency of the seventy.  That was in Trujillo Alto which the Stake Center was so cool. It had like an awesome courtyard in the middle with the rooms and chapel around it.  It was a good meeting, Elder Christensen talked about the Spirit. It was fun to see the guys from the MTC.  Yesterday was a good day.  I bore my testimony in Church and once again, I had my heart beating at the start of it, and as soon as I start talking, boom I go completely calm. I also gave a blessing yesterday in spanish with the help of other Elders and the Lord.

Yesterday we said goodbye to people seeing that my companion and I are both leaving.  It was kind of actually emotional a little bit. I don’t think I felt like that since June 30!  Well, my emails are shorter.  But that’s what kinda pasoed this week.  So have fun this week and remeber that we always can be grateful!! Especially this month we can remember that  it is November and we have Thanksgiving this month and we can be thankful even if it is ” man I am thankful that Tyler is serving a mission so I don’t have to deal with him” or man I am thankful that Tyler is gone and I have a fuel efficient civic to drive” or man I am surely grateful that Tyler is in Puerto Rico so I don’t have to see Sodalicious cups every day” Or ya know just there is things we can be grateful for!!!

Bye for now! Elder Glazier

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