The air was actually almost getting almost chilly you clapstapplers!

       Hello all. I have one more week of training!  I made it through another week. Monday we had a Zone activity where we picked up trash in a park, ate Costco pizza and then went on a hike. We had a nice devotional too.  On Saturday we had a sweet activity! We showed  meet the Mormons.  It was cool that I saw the part with the Costa Rican family and I could actually understand some of what they said.  We had a pretty good turn out of members and non members totaling to about 50.  Our investigators Manuel and Hayda came.  There’s always something special when you see someone exercising some faith even to come to a movie with free popcorn and coke.  Manuel and Hayda we also taught last night.  I enjoy lessons with them because they listen sincerely and I feel good when I testify.
      Gabriel, the man who gives us juice is doing really well.  We have been teaching him in the Church.  He came to church yesterday.  My Spanish is just kinda doing whatever.  I’m not really “struggling” with it. My attitude is just wait and over time it’ll come.  On Saturday and Sunday there was kind of some stormy weather and the air was actually almost getting almost chilly.  It was nice to have a little cool down.
     I’m doing well. I think I’m learning and growing. I’m sorry for the short email again.  Oh yeah we ate at the Bishop’s house last night.  They are such a good family.  They have four crazy boys. The oldest one isn’t too bad but they are all just crazy!  The other week we were in Primary for a little bit, which was funny.  My companion’s name is Elder Hicken but the little kids were saying something about his name and chicken.  I also heard Spanish primary songs one day in Bishop’s car which I had not thought of for probably years. “I will go I will do the things the Lord commands” but it was like “Ire y hare..”
     Apparently there is a difference between oranges and chinas. Here they have jugo de china which I thought was just orange juice but apparently it is not.  We have a mission wide meeting on Halloween.  That will be cool to see the MTC Elders again.  Well to compensate for a shorter email, : swi hench, crean, brean, LUGNUT, taurmaoth, local stimulus, kneecap, nylon, prowess (lake powell one year”) socket spleaner, burlap slipper, clapstappler, brickenmoose, crevice, etc. hopefully you at least laughed at one of those ridiculous things!!!
Elder Glazier

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