My brethren I have found a land that doth abound with fruit as sweet as honey.

I dreamed about Sodalicious last night and it wasn’t really good they had lamo plastic cups and had me mix the drink. Okay this is finna be short cause we had a zone activity and I have like 30 minutes to write. But I had my second zone meeting this week. That was sweet.  I ate Rabbit and clams on the same day.  I had burgers for lunch three straight days in a row.
On Saturday it was Elder Jacob’s birthday as well as Grandpa Cook! on our way to walking to burgers, Our Bishop just decided to buy us Pinchos which are barbqued chicken/ meat things. It was good. Homemade Churrasco is adnaknvvn times Better.  There was this religious concert on Saturday at the track close to us and people would go and yell out stuff about sacred people and things.  Our new investigators are doing well. Gabriel keeps giving us juice and he was the one that gave us clams.  We’ve taught him two lessons.
Last night we also taught Manuel and Hayda, who are good people.  Probably my highlight of the week was speaking in church yesterday.  I just did my best and I once again experienced the pounding heart as I walked up to the Pulpit and then I start speaking and I get Calmed down.  We went to the Bishop’s house yesterday for dinner.  I definitely had three plates and finished off most of what was left after everyone had finished.  His brother was in town and of course I talked with him about Utah, BYU and college football. It’s cool that I know Britain Covey!
Anyways, Sorry for the short email.  I dont’have too much time today and anyways I already hit most of what I wanted to say.  Also, this week was just a good week.  There was this song we sang in A Capella this spring, and part of it says, “my brethren I have found a land that doth abound with fruit as sweet as honey. the More I eat I find, the more I am inclined to shout and sing hosanna. My soul doth long to go where I may fully know the glory of my Savior.”  Anyways, I realized that that song matches the mission field pretty well!
We also ate at a member’s home this week. His name is Andres and he’s a young father working on schooling I think after he graduated from BYU.  But It was cool though he’s young and I’m sure he is under a lot of stress with little kids but He has a marriage and a beautiful little family started. Nice young people.  Also, Puerto Rico drivers are crazy sometimes. Nothing like the D. R. though. Take care and someone please go drink down an AK Special extra dirty please. And hopefully they have styra foam cups still!!!!
Elder Glazier

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