Reynold Was Confounded

To start, section 100 of the Doctrine and Covenants was given on today’s date- October 12 which is the twelfth day in the tenth month. Check out Alma 14:23, and the associated story with Alma and Amulek.  This week we were given more juice by Gabriel.  He is the guy that sells juice to the track exercise people.  We also taught him in the Church and gave him a church tour which was cool.  He was one of five new investigators we found this week which was great! On Thursday we ate Cuban food at Mechi and Trujillo’s house.  Mechi is an investigator and her husband is from Cuba.  I guess my favorite food here is Cuban. I had had it before I think. It’s like potatoes and fish or something.  But Trujillo, the Cuban told us that the difference between Cuba and Puerto Rico food is that Cubans have more beans and less rice, and Puerto Ricans serve it more rice and less beans. I actually like beans a lot now so I kind of lean toward the Cuban way with more beans anyways so when we ate there on Thursday we got a good amount of beans.

Earlier this week some guy in his car said hi to us and told us he had lived in Tooele Utah and used to be a ward missionary and used to be a member.  We taught two other new investigators this week.  A mother and a daughter. The daughter just had a baby recently.  As we were talking with them I thought of how that little baby was not too long ago with our Heavenly Father.  We taught them a good lesson in English. The daughter works for a hotel company or something in San Juan but they both speak English. The other day we were talking to them and the daughter told us that 22 Jump Street, which is a movie with Channing Tatum who all the girls love, was filmed in San Juan or part of it. Apparently Adam Sandler was filming a movie nearby too. Also, while I’m on the topic of worldly entertainment, Katy Perry has a concert in San Juan tonight. Somehow a missionary found out and my companion really really likes Katy Perry.  So that’s been on his mind for the past few weeks.

Okay, back to the investigators, we taught them lesson one and I realized how much this is the Lord’s work.  I think the Spirit and sincerity of our presence is what keeps people listening cause the Restoration is really kind of a new and interesting and strange message to people. A 14 year old boy seeing God and Jesus then getting an angel to show him where ancient gold plates are which were written in America is honestly kind of crazy.  But, I know it’s true. It is the truth and it’s one of the most important messages out there. I just thought that our message is kind of weird, and there’s not really anyway it could work through just young imperfect missionaries. It’s God’s work and so even if the message is different for people they can still know it’s true because of the Spirit.

          On Sunday I got to pass the Sacrament again.  A couple from Utah were visiting.  I thought it was nice of Hermana Maria to ask them if they were visiting and just use what English she knew to be kind.  Reynold bore his testimony.  This guy argues like crazy. I talked to him after Sacrament meeting because I couldn’t really understand his testimony but afterwards, I was talking to him and basically he said when President Monson was speaking in conference, he couldn’t argue or say anything back about the Bible. Reynold argues a lot and will talk to anyone or argue with anyone but to hear him say that President Monson is the only man on earth “that can do that to me,” was great. It also was a powerful testimony builder to my testimony of a living Prophet.  Basically, Reynold told me that when President Monson was speaking,Prophets are real. Yesterday we started contacting and right as we were starting the storm came. We were just starting the contact with a woman and the rain started to come down. She invited us into the cover from the rain in her garage/house and we taught her and her husband a very good lesson.  The hand of our Heavenly Father doesn’t stop reaching into our lives.  Miracles have not ceased.  Also, I read in Jesus the Christ this week about how plant life is a miracle. It’s true! You place a tiny seed in the ground and over time and nourishment, you have delicious food or fruit or a huge tree.  Alright, so here’s some pictures of what we ate this week my companion and I: Burgers, and rice, beans,  corn and bacon wrapped pork steak.

Have a fantastic week



One thought on “Reynold Was Confounded

  1. Tyler, we are loving your letters. Uncle Rob, especially looks forward to them each week. He says you remind him of Hemingway, which isn’t bad for a T-bird! 🙂 xoxo, aunt Ruthie


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