Great People who served in Chile, General Conference, and Birthdays

Dear Everyone                                ,IMG_3011[2]

    Where to start? Where to start?  Well, Monday I forgot to tell you last Monday, the other three Elders and I got up early, and went to breakfast with an investigator I think of Elder Jacob and Elder Chavez. Puerto Rico is pretty nice before the sun is up, then it gets you know warm.  That night we had a testimony meeting for Noche De Hogar.  It was pretty good but there was a little girl who would cry and she would wail in a unique way. She would like roll her tongue like you do in spanish r’s but she was just crying and would roll big long rrrrrrrrrrrr’s with her tongue. It was interesting.  As we started to walk home from Noche de Hogar, there were some people outside and as I looked, I saw a giagantic fish. Probably close to four or five feet in length. HUGE. The guy was out there with his knife cutting the meat off of it. I didn’t get a real good look, so I don’t know what it was other than one of the biggest fish I’ve seen.  At Noche de Hogar we also sung ” Let the Holy Spirit Guide” which reminded me of when we sung that in Church one time as a family if I remember correctly.  But it’s nice that I can sing the Bass line now.
  Also on Monday, my companion and I came back to the Apartment and Elder Chavez was watching like special features/extra stuff for Meet the Mormons and I learned that David Archuleta made the meet the Mormons “Glorious” song recording on his mission in Chile. He re recorded once he came back for the Music video. And by the way what is up with all these cool folks serving in Chile? Tanner Mangum, David Archuleta, Zach Brown, two of my cousins, my cousin’s husband, sister, Ricky Shumway the old fantastic Timpview Receiver all served there. Well, whatever it is all I’m going to say is Puerto Rico is coming!!!! But in all reality it is all great because we all put in our efforts to serve the Lord. I just feel like there is all of the awseome premadonas coming from Chilean missions.
This week I saw a guy wheelie for like 200 yards! It was the best wheelie I’ve ever seen on a dirt bike and Drew McFarlane is pretty crazy But we were just walking and all of the sudden this guy on his dirt bike just rides a wheelie for like a long ways!!!  Also, little pumpkins here less than the size of a basketball are like ten bucks!! Man, I guess I was blessed back home with hundreds of good ones or dozens for free, to carve my janck o’later. A while ago, I think I saw on this poster thing at Hermana Maria’s the name Elder DJ Nelson. Who was probably the brother of Riley Nelson the BYU QB.  A couple of experiences were cool this week.
A week before last Friday, we found this old lady named Lydia, we returned this week to her and as we were sitting there conversing a little truck pulls up the driveway and I saw Jose, who is Janira’s Husband. I proceeded to tell the old lady that I thought I knew who was in the truck.  Well, it wasn’t too long before I found out that Lydia the old woman, is Jose’s grandmother! That was cool.  We also found a lady that had been baptized before. That’s the second less active we’ve found. I think it’s always cool when you find people unexpectedly who you know at some point had the Spirit and were involved with the church.  Another cool thing that happened is we got juice again from this guy who sells at the track to the exercisers. So a multitude of people usually gathers at the track to exercise. We’ve been going over there a little bit to see if we can find some people to talk too.  We’ve seen those soccer guys but one time we met Gabriel. He sells juice at the entrance/exit to the track. Nice little business idea if you ask me. And it’s not just juice it’s fresh. The first time he gave us free out of his coolers. This time he mixed up this lime drink right in front of us with the limes sitting right there. He also added fresh mint leaves that he had the plant right there.  Really cool guy but hey I got free juice twice which was sweet! Alright, almost done maybe.
So on August 1 in the MTC, the month when I thought college football started,(didn’t start till september) and Iknew that high school football started, I thought it was cool that on that day in the MTC August 1, I threw the football some during our exercise time.  Fast forward to October 2. October is when the Rifle deer hunt is in Utah. So we were visting Robert’s family or Hermana Maria’s family.  We were sitting at the table and then someone started pulling out things out of the fridge. It was cheeses and beef stick stuff that Nilca, Hermana Maria’s daughter had ordered online.  Well, one of the beef sticks was Venison beef stick and of course I ate some. The point is that it was cool that I ate venison at the start of October the month of the deer hunt.
So to General Conference now. It was amazing. That’s all I really need to say. But Also, Family, I wasn’t there to go around the circle on Sunday after dinner to say my favorite talk. But I did do a little sharing circle in the car on the way back home from Saturday’s sessions.  My favorite talk was President Uchtdorf’s from Saturday morning. Also, see if any of these were themes you saw: Faith, Sabbath Day Observance, Eternal Progression/Destiny, Atonement.  In Priesthood session Elder Anderson gave a fantastic talk. He included the devastating story of two of my classmates. Porter and Zane Openshaw. I can’t even come close to comparing to their faith and humility. But, I thought of something, those two Porter and Zane have had a terrible and very very hard thing happen. But I thought That wow, their faith and trust in the Lord created a story that Elder Anderson has now shared and that story probably strenghthened the faith of thousands.  One I know it helped was my Companion.  He lost over 900 photos of his entire mission over the weekend. He accidentally left his sd card in the print out computer at walgreens. 😦 But that talk he said made him realize that he still has his family.  But Man I feel bad for good people who have sad things happen to them.
We ate at Costco on Saturday.  WHAT A DEAL!! A large jcw’s sized burger with fries and a drink are like 5 buncks!!! Where was that junior and senior year….???? I had a chicken bake and that delicious burger combo. It was a good amount, so good that I only ate two pieces of pizza when we went out before Priesthood session with our Bishop and some ward members.  Well, I hope you enjoy this email. Happy Birthday to some of the people who have crossed paths with me in my life: Yesterday the 4th, Jake Dain, Laurence on Wednesday the 7th, on the 9th, happy birthday to Cyler Pitts, Malia Patching, and Jordan Payne.  I hope you all had a great conference weekend and enjoyed the Spirit through music, as I did, and through words.
Elder Glazier

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