Elder Glazier back on the Track!

      I have successfully completed my first transfer in the field.  But I have six more weeks of the training.  I want to tell you that I see Mazda B2000’s or Mazda B2200’s here and it reminds me of the Bean! I see them around a lot.  At Noche de Hogar on Monday the lesson was about forgiveness.  That is always a good thing for us to do.  Tuesday I taught part of the lesson in District meeting which was good.  It went pretty good. Tuesday we also ate dinner at a member’s home and while we were there we saw some of this movie about President Hinckley. He was really a great man.
      Wednesday night was a special experience.  We went to the track next to our apartment complex to try and talk to some people. First, understand that at night time here people gather like crazy to exercise at this track next to our apartment.  Like dozens of people.  When we went there was a bunch of people participating in Zumba class.  Anyways, it’s just interesting how many people come out and exercise at night time.  So we went over and walked around a bit.  I showed and explained to Elder Hicken the different parts of a Track and Field Facility and told a little about the corresponding events.  They had a Discus ring, (chipped concrete, no net, probably old and not used much) that I of course started doing some practice spins.  Nothing much was happening till these two guys invited us to play soccer with them.  We accepted the invite and just started to talk with them.  We were kicking the ball back and forth with each other and I was just having a nice, smooth, relaxed conversation with one of the guys. I felt relaxed and confident and the opportunity came of course to explain to him who we are and what we do.  He, having seen me practice spins in the Discus ring, asked me about it.  I did my best to explain that I threw in high school.  Nothing big really happened but I just thought it was cool that I was able to use Discus to help a missionary conversation I guess.
     So I’ve noticed the past three weeks we have about one slow day a week.  First it was a Saturday, then It was a Fridayand this week it was Thursday.  So we were just not having the best day and then I said maybe let’s just go and get some Slurpees at Walgreens.  So we ended up doing that.  This was the second time I bought one and the first time I spilled on my white shirt and on the floor of Walgreens.  Pretty embarrassing but not as bad as slipping in front of the entire Timpview girls soccer team my freshmen year.  Anyways, so we got Slurpees and then went and bought Subway sandwiches.  We finished the night with a less active woman in the area named Evalyn who for two weeks straight now, I believe we have taught at then end of slower days, and those lessons have made the day worth it.  This time we watched Finding Faith in Christ with her and shared testimonies.
     Saturday was my first exchange.  I went with Elder Hanna, our district leader for a day.  He had lots of good suggestions for me and I also realized how much I like my original area and companion.  Sundaywe had some less actives, including Evalyn come to church which always makes it great.  I have been working on memorizing the Living Christ and I finished memorizing it.  After doing so, I convinced the Zone Leaders whom I live with to buy me Asian food for lunch today.  So I got filled up on Orange chicken, fries and rice today.  There is an Asian restaurant not to far away from the apartment that I like.  It’s like Panda Express kind of.  Well, this week was good and I hope you all do well this upcoming week in your lives, jobs, school or whatever it may be.
Elder Glazier

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