God Could Send Rain

Hola from Puerto Rico.  I made it safely here to the territory of the United States.  The flight was short. We arrived in Puerto Rico and then saw a nice fort.  We then went to the mission home and had an orientation where President Boucher shared inspired words.  We talked about and read from 1 Samuel 15. Just remember, “to obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams”  We then had some delicious burgers among other food.  Then we went over to the church and met our trainers.  Mine is Elder Hicken from California.

It soon became aware to me that Puerto Rico is in a drought.  Nice right? Yeah! Because now I can use the toothbrushing technique I learned in Lake Powell! So we have water only a few days out of the week.  To compensate Elder Hicken had bought a big trash can and we use gallon jugs or old pop bottles or whatever to shower.  It sure is a nice thing to have running clean water.  Air conditioning is also a nice thing.  We have it in our bedroom but not anywhere else.  With a fan it isn’t too bad.

So we have done some work this week.  We have talked with people, taught, testified and had dinner.  One of my good experiences this week was with man who we talked with about the rain and drought.  He said that he knows God could send rain.  He said that God is perfect and that when he prays he almost wants to ask for rain but he knows that if God knows the people need water and that he can send it, he says that it probably isn’t raining for a reason and maybe it’s so the people start believing.  I thought he had a good point and that he has a good grasp on a principle that is important for us all to learn.  Trust God.  Sometimes things don’t make sense to us but they don’t have too. We can always trust that our Heavenly Father is in control.  I am learning some good things.

The Spanish is doing okay.  I seem to be picking up on listening which I think is my hardest area.  I can’t understand very well at all but I think I’m getting better.  The people drop the s in words. So Estamos en la ciudad would be Etamo en la ciudad more like.  It’s good though.

It rained yesterday.

I was able to pass the Sacrament.  I loved that. I also loved blessing the Sacrament in the MTC.  It is interesting that I think Sometimes we take our duties for granted while we do them and It isn’t till later that we realize how special they are.  I have noticed that as I have don’t the Aaronic Priesthood duties of the Sacrament as an Elder.  There is a special spirit about the Sacrament.  We have a few investigators that we are working with.  One we had a pretty good lesson with on Saturday.  It was great to see them at church too.

I bought my own food and so that’s kind of new.  There are tons of Walgreens here.  Also, I saw Costco on our way to Zone meeting.  We’ve already had pizza.  So it’s pretty much American stores and streets with a different culture, language and homes.  Lawns don’t really exist here.  I have been very blessed back home.  I have already been realizing that.

The Bishop of this ward here is Bishop Taylor a Utah boy who went to Timpanogos High I think.  We had dinner with him one day this week.  I am learning and growing and I hope to get a better feel and do better this week!

Elder Glazier

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