Puerto Rico on Tuesday!


Hello everyone! This week was pretty great. Let me start with Proselyting last Friday, we went on splits.  We rode the Metro and within a few minutes I noticed I was the only Caucasian on the train! It was hilarious. Then a Dominican man wanted me to take a picture with him and so I did. I think he was cracking jokes like crazy. So then we got in the taxi and I can’t get over how hilarious the drivers are here. It’s utter chaos. Nobody cares about anything! And at stops, we had people selling stuff and so it was like oh nice there is a guy selling shaving razors to people in taxis! And they “RAM” four people in the back and two in the passenger seat like it’s nothing! So it was sweet.  I saw a guy riding a wheelie up the street on his motorcycle.  Yeah. IMG_2903[1]

Teaching the people was fun we visited with three different families. One was a new member sister and all these little kids. Sunday we watched THE BEST devotional.  I mean there’s not really a best but this one was fantastic.  It was a Q and A with Elder Bednar. One thing that was new to me was that once we make Covenants we no longer really have our agency.  We are more or less not agents for ourselves. The choice now is Covenant Breaking which is not exactly agency.  It was kind of confusing but a new way to look at it.  This week I had some fantastic experiences as our district went over to the Temple to read the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon can answer questions.  I was just kind of in awe as I was feeling great, the skies were overcast and the ocean was in view.  But I think I need to work on just being happy.  I think that makes a difference.  Elder Zivic spoke to us on Tuesday’s devotional.  He talked about how we can say hello to people and that can help. Also, make sure when we are in the field to involve Husbands and Fathers as we teach.  Sorry for the short email this week.  I think I am going to try and send some photos though.  P-Day is Monday in Puerto Rico where I’ll be on Tuesday!!!!

-Elder Glazier IMG_2896[1]

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