Week 4- Mr. Lugnut Changes a Tire

We had breakfast burritoes this morning.  Friday we went contacting again at the University.  Sunday was a great day.  We heard some great things.  Sister Whitaker talked about how before faith we need to have humility.  President Romney talked about how we can’t really ever catch up to the Lord. When we are obedient he blesses us and then when we try to give back it doesn’t really work.  Because he just blesses us more!
Elder Christofferson was our devotional.  He is great.  He talked about dealing with people who are just happy with there life and just say every just does what they think is best.  Elder Cristofferson suggested that we say, ” Well are you interested in what God thinks?”  It was awesome.
As it turns out Mr. Lugnut is still alive and well. We changed a tire this week and got to see a work bench in the Temple. How often do you get to see white coveralls and go inside the Temple in shorts and a t-shirt? That was cool.  We went to get tools inside to get a socket set is why we were in there.
I have seen the ocean a few times when we go to the Temple.  I’m gaining weight.  A few days ago was the first time I’ve ever been over 190 but I had my clothes on.
Tuesday’s devotional was Elder Ballard and he talked about how when we get discouraged as missionaries just think of the Prophet Joseph Smith in liberty jail and quickly our trials don’t seem as bad.  As we have watched delayed Provo MTC devotionals, I have seen some familiar faces. I saw Aaron Daines in one and then Allie Pitts from a recent one.  Or at least I thought I saw them.
Tomorrow we will go out with missionaries to do some real proselyting.  That will be quite a day.  I love the teachers and leaders here.  Especially Sister Romney. She just cares so much about us. President Romney is a great example and I love hearing from him.  The teachers are so nice and friendly.  Our afternoon and evening teacher is funny. We play a lot of games.  We went to the Temple today and that will be my last visit for about 2 years.
We watched a great clip from a devotional from Elder Bednar and he shared a great experience on spiritual promptings and guidance. Long story short he gave then Elder Packer of the quorum of the twelve 20 Francs because he thought he might get hungry in Germany.  That money ended up pretty much validating Sister Packer’s passport without it the traveling woudln’t have happened. Elder Bednar said that following the Spirit mostly happens as a result of being a ” good boy”  he said sometimes you might not even know when you are follwing the Spirit but that it absolutely is the Spirit working through you.
I have enjoyed the words of prophets and also the scriptures here. Sorry for the shorter email this week! Have a great week and remember that creen henches dont’ succeed in swi creen dunlop stimulus packages!!!

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