Week 3- I spoke in Church on the Restoration

Friday was a solid day. We went contacting at a local university. We only did this for two hours but it wasn’t easy and I got tired from it.  I also sweat a good amount. That day we gave out 4 Book of Mormon copies and some Restoration pamphlets. One man came up to us and said, “Do you guys preach the Gospel?” Of course we said yes then we proceeded to talk with him for about 30 minutes.

Saturday was another good day we had regular class and stuff then. Then during exercise time we played frisbee.  We have been playing a lot of ping pong too. I dumped sweat during frisbee. I thought I was getting used to the humid air but I guess not.  It felt good though to finally run!  We have been playing a little basketball or ping pong but nothing real active.

Sunday was another uplifting one.  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to partake of the Sacrament each week. I know people say that a lot but it is very true. We have each week the opportunity to start fresh, and renew sacred Covenants with Heavenly Father.  I can improve my experience though. I think I take it for granted too much.  I got to speak in church too. Well, our own little CCM missionary branch but still.  I was one of the ones chosen to speak on the topic assigned to all of the missionaries.  I spoke on the Restoration.  When president Romney said my name I got nervous like my heart started pounding a lot but I got up and just spoke and it worked well.  I’m sure that my wasn’t perfect but often I get nervous before I speak in front of people and then I get up there and I feel calm.  It’s happened before and It happened this time even though I was still tense I think it was the Spanish.  After me, Sister Romney spoke by the way I was last of 4 missionaries to speak.  One thing that was interesting was Sister Romney said that God restored the Gospel not Joseph Smith.  I think that is important to remember But I still need to be grateful for Joseph Smith.  President Romney then spoke and told a great story about his mission president who had been raised in the Catholic church.  His mission president said that he was grateful for his catholic upbringing because it taught him how to love and prepared him for the gospel and missionaries.  President Romney talked about how we need to never criticize other religions but be kind.  I think that testifying is one of the best things to do. Also, don’t forget president Hinckley talking about ” bring what you have and see if we can add a little.”  He also asked us  what we would think if the Gospel was restored on a different country or in a different culture.  I had never thought about that but I need to appreciate the message of the Gospel more that the story of Joseph Smith.

District meeting was terrific. Elder Henriod and I got the chance to teach a Christlike attribute.  We chose Charity and Love.  We had three older sister missionaries there.  I learned some great things. It was cool that Moroni 7:48 was in  the Preach My Gospel. I like what the Lord says.  First love God then love or neighbor.  I thought that was very applicable for missionaries.  We need to first love God by being obedient and then love our companions and those we serve.  Part of being obedient is loving everyone but I think that as we are more obedient, we can love others easier.  I think it’s kind of like the tree of life we need to partake of the fruit and know for ourselves then share with others.  One of the sisters talked about how we need to have love for our companions.

This week the patron housing received 166 Jamaicans to stay here to go to the Temple. 50 or so are receiving their Endowment and some haven’t been back to the Temple for 10 or more years.  I am very very blessed to have lived in Provo where there is a Temple so close.  There are people who have Temple recommends who don’t get to go but it is still important to stay worthy always.

  Priesthood meeting was good on Sunday I learned that Testament can mean Covenant so the Old Testament is a record of the old covenant and the New Testament is basically a New covenant then the Book of Mormon is another covenant or anther testament.

Tuesday we had a devotional from Elder Cornish.  Obedience was part of the discussion for receiving revelation. He talked about how we are in Spiritual “graduate school.” Tuesday I had a special experience in the Park contacting.  I wasn’t excited to contact but I went and just worked and with my companion ended up giving two copies of the Book of Mormon away and some pamphlets. It was special because I felt like my Spanish wasn’t too bad, it made my mood change, and we also received another English Speaker. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned or not but Elder Henriod and I have came across or I think it’s blessed with several English speakers. Elder Henriod loves it because he feels like he is more confident and can do better with English. So the park was great. It really was just a personal experience with ” work is the best antidote for despair” like President Hinckley said. Tuesday night President Antivilo a counselor in the MTC presidency, talked on obedience at prayer meeting.  He said that he and his Brother were companions and to be obedient said ,” Elder Antivilo” to each other. He said it was weird.  He said that the little things will make a difference in life and for our future. Obedience is a theme.

This morning was a wonderful Temple experience. I testify that Temples are houses of God and that we can find good things for ourselves inside.  Thank you all for your prayers, examples, support, love and encouragement.  I am doing well. Being a full time missionary is a new experience for me but even though it’s new the principles of the Gospel are still the same.  The Atonement still is there for everyone. Thanks everyone! Till next week.


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