Week 2- “Flecks of Gold”

First off happy birthday to Grandpa Glazier! I wore a read tie today that I think was his.  This week was pretty darn good. It went faster than last week! We had a great P Day last week. We went to the Temple and I got a haircut! Friday was good, I cant really remember what happened.  Saturday we did some regular stuff. Sunday was another uplifting day. We had Sacrament meeting and the theme was the Holy Ghost. President Romney has asked that we all prepare a 3-5 minute talk for each Sunday’s sacrament meeting so that they can choose a few but nobody knows who will go till sunday.  The first week was Baptism the second was Holy Ghost and this sunday is the Restoration.
During Doctrinal class I had a great answer to prayer. The lesson was on Revelation and I had been a little worried about my testimony. Well, the lesson was answer to that question and prayer because we talked about how revelation doesn’t have to be huge angelic visitations! I felt the Spirit testify and help me remember how many dozens of experiences where I have received ” flecks of gold” from heaven. We then heard an old devotional from Elder Ballard who gave us confidence. We know a lot about the Gospel he said, we have gone to seminary and primary and had family home evening.  We just need to learn how to say things in our language! He mentioned how much the Lord trusts us.
Sunday dinners are Pizza every week. Then after our Devotionals We have district meetings. WE also have district meetings after Sacrament meeting and have discussions on one of the Christlike attributes from preach my Gospel.  The firstSunday was obedience then the second was patience.  On friday we were able to watch president Packer’s funeral.  I liked when I was mentioned that he never was afraid to express the truth even when it wasn’t in line with popular opinion.  In memory of him, don’t forget how important families are!! So sunday nights after district meetings discussing devotionals we have ice cream and walk around the Temple.
I’m getting used to the humidity! I got sick last saturday or sunday.  Sister Romney gave me some medicine and that helped a lot.  I’m almost better! the Elders in my room like to keep the room at about 50 degrees.  Too cold!! Tuesday was a solid day. We had a morning devotional (old one) from August 21, 2012.  When It was president Monson’s 85th birthday.  The devotional was Elder Anderson. he talked about teachings from President Monson. One good Piece from It was ” do your duty that is best, leave unto the Lord the rest.”
Tuesday was nice because we only had the English July 1 reporters. The spanish speaking and June 3 missionaries left on Tuesday morning so there was more quietness at meal time and less of a line for food.  We got 20 or 30 new missionaries yesterday.  We went to the store on Tuesday afternoon.  I bought some shoe laces, soap, and colored pencils.
I read a book in three days which is probably a record for me.  The book was Way to Be! by presidnt Hinckley.  Elder Henriod let me borrow it.  I liked it a lot and I couln’t help but  think of Dad when President Hinckley wrote, “We would rather loaf than work.  A little play and a little loafing are good from time to time. But it is work that spells the difference in the life of a young man or young women.” Or old men or old women! He also writes reffering to work I believe, ” It is the best antidote for worry and the best medicince for despair.” So thank you Dad for teaching in harmony with a Prophet of God.  By the way I’m turning whiter because I have been ” loafing” in a classroom all day Dad. My skin isn’t tan like it was when I wasn’t sitting flat and buying bread!!!!
I’ve been thinking and studying and I have had random moments where stuff just makes sense!  I love it.  Questions really do get answered if we look.  Overall it was a solid week.  There was one moment a few days ago I can’t really remember when but we sang Hark all Ye Nations and it was comfoting and powerful. It helped me remember when we sang that at Priesthood session this year.  I started Jesus the Christ and I have a feeling that it will be great!  The place here called the CCM rather that MTC.  It stands for Centro de Capitación Misional, I think.  Yesterday we got some crazy questions from a boy here. He was seven years old and he asked us ” How all this started like who created this all and who created God?” He was 7.  We tried to explain that we didn’t know all the answers but that God lives and answers prayers through the Holy Ghost.  It was hard for the boy to understand but It was a good experience because I need to be able to try and help those who don’t share the same knowledge as me. Till next week!
Elder Glazier

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