Week 1

Dear Everyone who reads this,
    Week one was a crazy time! It was hard leaving behind something that I now know I love so much! But the first week was also very long.  I learned some things.
    The food here is good. We have rice at most luches and dinners along with beans. I have eaten a lot of chicken and pork. Nothing compares to homemade churrasco though or anything.
    The Temple is so very pretty. We did a session today and I learned more.  We also did Sealings. As for the Hermana who I flew with, she is here but I don’t think I have talked to her at all.  My district is strictly Elders.  It is definitely cooler here than the dry 100 degree weather of Utah.  I think I will get used to  the humidity.
     I already am learning that complete obedience in the mission field is not an easy task. Especially staying with another Elder all day. But on our orientation last week, President Romney shared a beautiful quote from President Ezra Taft Benson, ” When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power.” ( I think that is the quote) How true that is though.  We certainly are blessed when we do the things God or our parents or Priesthood leaders, say to do.
    The language is coming along.  Actually smoothly so far because many other Elders don’t have the blessing of four years or remembering what they learned in school.  We have practiced contacting several times at a nearby park.  My companion Elder Henriod LOVES doing this.  We working together have handed out 8 or 10 or so pamphlets about the restoration and last night we also placed a Book of Mormon with two other Elders to a kind Catholic woman.  I felt like God prepared her in some way.  I feel sometimes testifying is the best thing you can do.
    They have basketball standards here and I have enjoyed playing during exercise time.
    Sunday was a solid day.  It was spiritually uplifting.  Elder Cornish of the second quorum of the seventy spoke and gave us some interesting insights.  But two things I liked were first of all, when you do something you have to immerse yourself into it. And the second one was Brigham Young had to leave his house several times or something and he said, I haven’t had to sacrifice. That made sense to me because if we consecrate ourselves, we no longer have anything to sacrifice. If we give everything to the Lord, we don’t have anything left over and thus sacrifice isn’t as hard as it is when we hold back.  That is something that has been in my mind this first week is how much I need to immerse and forget about things back home.  Even though I realize how much I love Provo, Sodalicious, Sports, Family, Girls, FIve speed honda civics, phones, napping a lot, boating and many more, I can take comfort in the fact that Missionaries are promised that their mission is where they need to be then and that they will be blessed through diligence.
     When we sing hymns in spanish, I can feel comforted as those tunes lift me up and also as I sing them silently to myself and think about the English words.  The first week was long and hard but I’m getting better everyday I think and I also need to remember the words that President Bunting spoke.  I love you all.  Thank you for your prayers and support. This is going to be a long journey but one time Dad and I home taught and the lesson was about being committed and two brothers were cliff jumping and one said like are you sure we should go when the brother was in mid air and the one in mid air says, “Brother, I’m committed!”
    The 4th of July was a regular day, in different ways.  We actually celebrated on the third with a lunch. And on the 4th we poked our heads out the window because I heard something and sure enough I saw those popping fireworks.  So I may be out of the country but I’m still close in spirit I guess you could say.  Don’t forget to eat food to nourish your body or else your mind might turn into a swi hench crean boos.  Yeah. Well alsoSunday was my first 23 hour fast and it wasn’t bad.  Life is a good thing and I will epistle another email next week.
Con mucha amor,
Elder Glazier

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