I Arrived!

Hello from the Dominican Republic MTC.  I made it safe and I apologize that I didn’t call from Atlanta. I went over to the phone and tried to dial but obviously I should have used common sense.  I was indecisive and didn’t go get coins for it to work.  Sorry.

Now, secondly the immigration forms thing said like products that I brought that should be taxed and it was really confusing but I wrote down like the trail mix and crackers because It asked if we brought food with us.  Anyways, I’m here at the MTC safely.

After we got off the plane, I was kind of feeling overwhelmed but I am feeling better now especially after a 10 or so minute drive of watching the Dominican Republic people drive. It was hilarious. They do whatever they want! They don’t care about rules that much as I could see when there was all kinds of crazy lane changes and motorcycles everywhere. One was even going on the side against oncoming traffic. It’s chaos but I just thought it was so funny how they just do whatever they want!

We came to the MTC and they fed us.  I talked with Sister Romney and talked about Aubrey.  My companion is a former Alta High football player the one who I saw via instagram.  I flew with Sister Keith and also a nice Wyoming Elder who likes to fish and hunt.  It was nice to have him there and that is probably a tender mercy of the Lord already like President Bunting was talking about.  I talked with some people at Salt Lake because I may as well get used to starting conversations.

IMG_2860[1]The ocean is beautiful.  They have basketball hoops here.  My P-Day is Thursday but you will not be receiving anther email till next week.  I got off the Plane and the first thing I said to myself was ” It’s humid!”  I think it will take a while to get into the swing of things but it will be okay! I love you and I will email you next week.

Elder Glazier

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